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Conjugate Periodization

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2 Conjugate Periodization
Matt R. Wenning, MS

3 Mountain Athlete Warrior (MAW) U.S. Army: 2010 to Present
Director and Co Founder of MAW Implemented a state of the art training protocol, portable facilities, and conditioning over an entire brigade in Ft. Carson, CO

4 Strength Coordinator Fire Department 2008-Present
Washington Township Dublin, OH Decreased injury rate by over 70%, lowered diabetes and hypertension medications in 3 years Increased strength with conjugate system and structured workouts around - Previous chronic/acute musculoskeletal issues - Different age and experience levels (22-60 years of age)

5 Opening Remarks Constant Use of one training method causes it to become habitual and yields a lesser training effect - A.S. Medvedyev, 1986 “Training is efficient if the highest level of physical result is achieved with the least expense of time and energy” - Thomas Kurz, 2001

6 What is Conjugate Periodization?
Conjugate periodization by practice and definition is…

7 Conjugate Periodization
The model of training in which multiple methods are used in an educated fashion to elicit great results in many abilities both in general and specific First designed by the Former Soviet Union

8 How Is/Was the System Utilized/Discovered?
The system follows biological rules and training guidelines that were discovered in controlled training groups over many years (10,000 plus athletes) in the USSR (from 1960s to 1980s) As more exercises/methods were introduced, strength increased by allowing volume and intensity to stay higher System first started with 6 exercises and developed to over 60 variations of the clean and jerk/snatch - This allowed much heavier loading over much longer periods of time Vasili Alexiev and the Dynamo Club: 1960s to 1980s world records by him alone

9 Conjugate Periodization How it Works
Switching exercises/abilities regularly Allowing overtraining to be avoided Makes the training effect more transferable by getting stronger/powerful in more environments Training with optimal volume and intensities Allowing the body to gain constantly rather than over train Makes workouts optimal in time and energy output to save for other developments (power, strength, general physical preparedness)

10 Training Guidelines

11 Guideline 1 Biological rules, the conjugate periodization manipulates
Law of Accommodation: This law states that anything that is used for too long will not create a greater training effect (1-3 weeks) Law of Specificity: This law states that if you want an exercise to help you in something else it must be similar enough or be combined with other stimuli that make it transfer - V.M. Zatsiorsky

12 Guideline 2 Training Tips
Weak link training Always train your weakest point to create less injury and better performance Ample recover time/training intensities Muscles trained too often (72 hour rule) Proper preparation for increasing volume/intensity 10 years (10,000) hours GPP/SPP

13 Weak Link Training This theory states that an athletes’ limitations will be dictated by their weaknesses

14 Volume/Intensity Control
Proper volume in workouts is a key factor to making progress, and inhibiting overtraining AS Prilepin’s Table of Volume (a starting point for understanding loading)

15 3 Methods of Training Weights (VM Zatsiorsky)
Maximal effort method 4 times per month lower 4 times per month upper Dynamic effort method reps per month each (lower and upper body) Repetition effort method Dependent on fitness level

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