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Please refer to the “Fan Notes” on Art and Culture in Heian.

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1 Please refer to the “Fan Notes” on Art and Culture in Heian




5 Please turn to page 212 in your book.

6 Growth of a Military Society in Japan What is a military society?

7 Feudalism What do you think this word might mean? Hint- look for words within the word

8 Feudalism Wealthy lords give land to warriors in exchange for their loyalty and military service Wealthy lord Hired warrior

9 Why was military society needed? Remember how the emperor moved his court to Heian? Well, they were so wrapped up in the arts and entertainment, that they didn’t pay attention to what was going on outside Heian Powerful nobles were fighting, which destroyed cropland, and poor people were becoming bandits to survive

10 Daimyo With Japan’s emperor distracted, Japan’s largest landowners- the diamyo decided they needed to protect their own land. Daimyo- Japan’s large landowners They hired trained warriors to protect their property  Who do you think these trained warriors were???

11 Samurai Samurai- trained professional warriors Samurai served their lord (the daimyo) and the emperor The samurai pledged to be loyal to the emperor Samurai defended the daimyos’ property

12 Samurai Most samurai came from noble families- often fathers passed the job down to their sons They wore light armor and fought with swords and bows Lords paid samurai with land or food –Samurai who got land often had peasants who farmed it for them –Samurai who didn’t get land were usually paid in rice

13 Changes in Japan’s government Nobles who didn’t live in Japan were angry about how the country was being ruled –Why do you think they were upset? Two of the noble clans decided to try to take power in the 1150s They fought each other for almost 30 years!

14 Fighting ends The noble family called the Minamoto won the war Because the emperor was busy in Heian and the chief of the Minamoto clan had the most powerful army in Japan he became the most powerful man in Japan

15 Who rules? The chief decided to take over ruling the country- but he didn’t want to get rid of the emperor Figurehead- a person who appears to rule even though real power rests with someone else In Japan, the emperor was the figurehead

16 Shogun As a samurai, the Minamoto leader was supposed to be loyal to the emperor, but he decided to rule in the emperor’s place He took the title of Shogun Shogun- a general who ruled Japan in the emperor’s name

17 Shogun rule When the first Shogun died, he passed his power and title on to one of his children For the next 700 years, shoguns would rule Japan

18 Who sits at the bottom of this society? The people who had no power in Japan’s military society were the peasants Peasants- poor farmers who worked the land and gave the samurai food or money Most Japanese were peasants

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