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Creative Strategy and the Creative Process

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1 Creative Strategy and the Creative Process
chapter eight Creative Strategy and the Creative Process McGraw-Hill/Irwin Essentials of Contemporary Advertising Copyright © The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. All rights reserved.

2 Objectives_1 Discuss the meaning and importance of creativity
Identify the members of the creative m and their primary responsibilities Tell how to differentiate great advertising from the ordinary Explain the role of the creative strategy and its principal elements

3 Objectives_2 Explain the purpose of the message strategy and how it differs from the creative strategy Describe the two basic styles of thinking Define the four roles people play at different stages of the creative process List several techniques creatives can use to enhance their creativity

4 The Creative Team Creative Director Art Director Copy Writer

5 What Makes Advertising Great?
Audience Resonance Strategic Relevance

6 Strategy Advertising strategy describes a means to achieve advertising objectives through creative executions and media plans Creative strategy guides those responsible for creating advertising Creative brief Work plan Copy strategy Copy platform

7 Elements of the Creative Strategy
Problem Objectives Target Benefits Support Special Requirements Brand’s Personality

8 Elements of the Message Strategy
Verbal Nonverbal Technical

9 How Does Creativity Help Advertising?
Creativity helps advertising to Inform Persuade Remind Impact

10 Creativity Affects Advertising Impact
The tagline in this ad, “If you have a lot to explain, we have the best phone rates,” makes an impact that enhances the ad’s effectiveness.

11 Styles of Thinking Fact- based Value- based

12 Roles Creatives Play in the Process
The Explorer The Warrior The Artist The Judge

13 The Explorer Role Examine existing information
Review marketing and advertising plans Study the market, product, and competition Develop insight Research Brainstorming

14 The Artist Role Develop the BIG Idea Implement the BIG Idea
Visualization/ conceptualization Transform or incubate the concept Implement the BIG Idea

15 Concept Transformation Techniques
Adapt Imagine Reverse Connect Parody Compare Eliminate

16 Exhibit 8-1 The advertising pyramid reflects how people learn new information. The creative pyramid translates advertising objectives into copywriting objectives.

17 The Judge Role Evaluate the practicality of the ideas
Decide whether to implement, modify, or discard ideas Be self-critical Avoid stifling artists’s imagination Assess risk involved with idea

18 The Warrior Role Carries the concept into action
May require battles win approval for the concept Help the account managers sell the campaign to the client

19 5 Components of Selling Power
Strategic Precision Savvy Psychology Slick Presentation Structural Persuasion Solve the Problem

20 Key Terms_1 Advertising objective Advertising message Art
Art direction Artist role Benefit statement Big idea Brainstorming Brand personality Conceptualization Copy platform Copy strategy Copywriter Creative brief Creative director Creative process Creative pyramid

21 Key Terms_2 Creatives Creative strategy Creativity Explorer role
Fact-based thinking Informational Judge role Mandatories Message strategy Problem Special requirements Support statement Target audience Transformational Value-based thinking Visualization Warrior role Work plan

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