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Let’s Play! Please listen carefully and think before answering. Good Luck!!

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3 Let’s Play! Please listen carefully and think before answering. Good Luck!!



6 Way of the Warrior



9 More Diffusion


11 200 300 400 500 Boo! Shido Way of the Warrior Japan Cultural Diffusion S-S-S Samurai More Difusion Mo Money! 100 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 100

12 Samurai were expected to be _______ to their daimyo for life

13 What is loyal?

14 This was the most valuable thing to a samurai

15 What is his honor?

16 Which of the following was not a weapon for a samurai: sword, bow and arrow, his hands, a gun?

17 What is a gun?

18 Samurai were first hired by these people when bandits began to raid

19 Who are landowners?

20 Samurai learned to perform a ceremony to prepare this

21 What is tea?

22 This is the title of the military leader in feudal Japan

23 What is a shogun?

24 These people made up 90% of Japan’s population

25 Who are peasants?

26 Samurai warriors always carried two of these

27 What are swords?

28 To prove a victory in battle, a samurai warrior would bring these to their daimyo

29 What are heads?

30 Samurai warriors would shout this before a battle

31 What is their name, their daimyo, their reason for fighting?

32 This religion came to Japan from China by way of Korea

33 What is Buddhism?

34 This regent from the Soga clan was very interested in bringing Chinese ideas to Japan

35 Who is Prince Shotoku?

36 Like the Mandate of Heaven in China, the Japanese thought this about their emperor

37 What is descended from the Gods?

38 Japan adopted their writing system and literary style from this country

39 What is China?

40 These changes took all lands away from local landowners and gave control to the emperor

41 What are the Taika Reforms?

42 This religion appealed to samurai because of its emphasis on discipline

43 What is Zen Buddhism?

44 This was the title of a landowning noble in Japan’s military society

45 What is a daimyo?

46 Daily Double!

47 This was the name of the first shogun

48 Who is Minamoto Yoritomo?

49 This was the punishment for failing to live up to the code of Bushido

50 What is seppuku (suicide)?

51 Amida Buddhism is also known as this

52 What is Pure Land Buddhism?

53 Prince Shotoku was interested in modeling Japan’s government after this country

54 What is China?

55 This is the type of writing that Japan “borrowed” from China

56 What is kanji?

57 Japan tried to make changes to their government to strengthen the power of this person

58 Who is the emperor?

59 Japan learned about Buddhism from this country

60 What is Korea?

61 A traditional Japanese building with 3, 5, 7, or 9 curved roofs

62 What is a pagoda?

63 Heian aristocrats thought that these would look better dyed black

64 What are teeth?

65 Heian aristocrats carried these around to show their rank in society

66 What are fans?

67 Poetry became very popular, particularly these 5-7-5-7-7 syllable poems about love, nature & beauty

68 What are tanka?

69 Problems began for the Heian Period because aristocrats stopped doing this

70 What is paying taxes?

71 Daily Double!

72 This was the plan for wealthy aristocratic families (Soga) to gain imperial power

73 What is set up marriages between their women and the emperor?

74 Final Jeopardy

75 Social Structure

76 This is the term used to describe the emperor in Japan’s feudal structure

77 What is a FIGUREHEAD?

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