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The Japanese Samurai A Sean Viers and Bryan Cross Production.

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2 The Japanese Samurai A Sean Viers and Bryan Cross Production

3 Brief Background Samurai is defined as the word for a Japanese warrior class. Started to come into existence in the 12 th Century Around 1185 the shogun rose to power and removed power from emperor.

4 General Samurai Information Allowed 2 swords (Long and Short) High Status among community Different rankings of a Samurai – Kenin – Mounted Samurai – Foot Soldier

5 Bushido Code Bushido means "way of the warrior” This is the code the Samurai lived by. The code places emphasis on loyalty, self- sacrifice, justice, and sense of shame, purity, frugality, honor and affection.

6 Death and Seppuku The samurai do not fear death because they believe as Buddhism teaches, after death one will be reincarnated and may live another life here on earth. Seppuku is a ritual suicide and the Samurai saw it as an honorable death. Hara-kiri translates to stomach cutting, which was a major part of the seppuku ritual.

7 Seppuku Images courtesy of

8 Reasons for Seppuku Reasons for committing seppuku were connected to honor, disgrace, and punishment. Seppuku could also be a way of showing a disagreement with one's master.

9 Down fall of the Samurai In the late 1800’s the last shogun resigned and the emperor was reinstalled as the formal leader of Japan. The old feudal system and the privileges of the Japanese samurai class were officially abolished. The daimyo had to return the land to the emperor for which they received pensions by the Japanese state

10 “The Last Samurai” The Western world had started to develop upgrades in military and technological warfare such as rifles, pistols, and cannons. In 1877 the last of the samurai had gathered under the famous samurai Takamori Saigo. The Samurai had an open field battle with the Japanese military. V.S

11 “The Last Samurai” (cont) There were 60,000 military troops and only 20,000 Samurai Because the Samurai only used their swords and arrows they got wiped out by the guns and cannons of the military. After the battle there was only 300 Samurai left. They ran away and committed Seppuku.

12 “By the Way of the warrior is meant death. The Way of the warrior is death. This means choosing death whenever there is a choice between life and death. It means nothing more than this. It means to see things through, being resolved.” “Yamamoto Tsunetomo”

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