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Winfield R-IV School District Winfield, Missouri.

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1 Winfield R-IV School District Winfield, Missouri

2 Began Implementation in 2008-2009. 2008-2009 – Prep Year (Getting to know SW- PBS) 2009-2010 – Emerging Level One (Universal Supports) 2010-2011 – Emerging Level Two (Universal Supports and Classroom Support) 2011-2012 – Tier 2 – Level One (Tier 2 Supports)

3  4 Buildings ◦ Primary ◦ Intermediate ◦ Middle School ◦ High School Approximately 1500 students District-Wide.

4  Members: Central Office Administrator, Building Administrators and Coaches from each building  Meeting Schedule: Once a quarter with the Consultants from the Heart of Missouri RPDC.  Purpose: Implement and Support District- Level implementation of SW-PBS

5 Collaboration to determine definitions for Discipline Referral Infractions Action Plan for District-wide implementation Implemented Universal Screening Instrument Developed a continuum of Expectation Matrices that flow from one building to another. Universal Reinforcements (Warrior Way Ticket)

6  Organized the first Community SW-PBS Program  Provide support to one another for the successful implementation of SW-PBS with fidelity.  Attend Summer Institute and Action Plan as a team.



9 Be SafeBe RespectfulBe Responsible Classroom  Follow proper emergency drill procedures  KAHFOOTY  Use appropriate volume and tone  Use kind words and body language  Participate Actively  Follow directions the first time  Bring needed materials Bus  Remain seated- Seat to Seat, Back to Back, Feet on the Floor  Keep the aisle clear at all times  Keep all body parts and other objects to yourself and in the bus at all times  Walk away from the bus immediately after exiting  Stay outside the bus safety zone until the bus door is open  Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself  Keep feet on the floor  Follow the bus driver’s instructions  Voices at level 1 or 0  Use kind words  Keep the bus clean- Place all trash in the waste basket  Arrive at your bus stop on time  Watch for your stop  Report problems or dangerous situations to the driver Cafeteria  Wait patiently in line  Report messes  KAHFOOTY  Use kind words  Remain seated until dismissed  Touch and eat only your food  Level 1  Turn your lunch money in before school starts  Clean up your assigned area  Place trash in trash can  Put silverware and trays neatly in assigned areas Hallway  Walk single file  Walk on 3 rd full tile  Keep shoes quiet  KAHFOOTY  Voices at level 0  Return to class promptly Playground  Participate in school approved games only  Stay in approved areas  KAHFOOTY  Notify an adult if a stranger is present  Treat others the way you want to be treated  Use kind words  Include others  Use equipment the proper way  Line up when instructed  Enter and exit the building peacefully Assemblies  Enter and exit the gym in a safe manner  KAHFOOTY  Applaud to show appreciation  Be an active listener  Eyes on the speaker  Raise your hand to share  Keep comments and questions on topic Bathrooms  Report messes or missing necessities  Always walk  KAHFOOTY  Wait your turn  Keep bathroom tidy and clean up after yourself  Allow privacy of others  Voices at level 1  Wash hands with soap and water  Return to the line or your class promptly

10  Currently, each building recognizes students who portray the Warrior Way by being Respectful, Responsible and/or Safe.  Students are rewarded with a Warrior Way ticket which can be redeemed for prizes.

11  We would like to give the businesses in our community the opportunity to recognize those students also.  Businesses would give a Community Warrior Way Ticket to students that go above and beyond to be Respectful, Responsible and/or Safe in the place of business.

12  The business may choose to reward the student with their own “prize”, but students will be able to redeem their ticket in their building just like they would a ticket earned at school.  Each business that agrees to participate will receive a window cling recognizing them for supporting the Warrior Way.

13  The SW-PBS Leadership Team decided to host an Ice Cream Social and invite the businesses in the community to come learn about the Community PBS Program.

14  The members from each building took on roles to ensure all planning was shared district-wide. ◦ Primary – Create Brochure ◦ Intermediate – Gather Business names and addresses, make mailing labels ◦ Middle School – Presentation to Businesses, Create a template for Window Clings ◦ High School – Invitations, Template for Community Warrior Way Ticket ◦ Central Office – Purchase ice cream and fixin’s, Send invitations, Assemble “tool kits”, Print brochures, Order window clings

15  The PBS Leadership Team will host a Community Open House in August to explain the program to the businesses.  We will invite all business owners in the district to attend.  District will provide the fixin’s for an ice cream sundae

16  All businesses wishing to participate will be given a Warrior Way “tool kit” with the following: ◦ A supply of Community Warrior Way Tickets to give out to deserving Students. ◦ A brochure explaining the Warrior Way in Winfield ◦ A Thank You Card for participating STUDENTS NAME: BUSINESS NAME: BE RESPECTFUL BE RESPONSIBLE BE SAFE WARRIOR WAY

17  It is the hope of the Winfield R-IV SW-PBS Leadership Team to foster a collaborative partnership with the businesses in the District and spread the Warrior Way throughout the entire Community. * Be Respectful * Be Responsible * Be Safe

18 In addition, various businesses have our PBS brochures available for communities members to take with them and view.  Local Businesses Post the Expectations on their Marquee Boards

19 19 The Warrior Way Goal Committee Phone # and website Letter to Parents PBS Explanation Rewards & Consequences Brochures are sent home with each student at the beginning of the school year. They are also available all year on the resource board and at local business. 19

20 Expectations on Paycheck Stubs School Website Screen Shots Consistency of Referral forms from building to building and on buses.


22 Expectations on Paycheck Stubs Show picture School Website Consistency of Referral forms from building to building and on buses.



25 Expectations on Paycheck Stubs Show picture School Website Consistency of Referral forms from building to building and on buses.

26 26 Winfield building and bus referrals... …keeping it consistent!

27 District made a commitment to support SW- PBS because our academic scores were low and our discipline referrals were out the roof! We focus on three main objectives as a district:SW-PBS, PLC (Professional Learning Communities) and TIA (Total Instructional Alignment) As we see the positive results each year, it strengthens our commitment to SW-PBS

28 Director of Support Services was Primary Principal that began the initial implementation of SW-PBS at her building. She now uses SW-PBS for her transportation department. Director of Special Services was Intermediate Principal that began the initial implementation of SW-PBS at her building. She is now the Central Office Liaison for SW-PBS.

29  Each Building in the District has received the Bronze Level of Recognition for Tier One supports.  Three out of the four buildings just received the Silver Level of Recognition for Tier Two supports.

30 Contact Information: Shanna Weber Director of Special Services Winfield R-IV School District 701 Elm Street Winfield, MO 63389 (636) 668-8188

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