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NALC 2003 Seminar Prepared By: C/LTC EJ Smith C/MAJ Michael Louer C/CPT Nathan Serena C/CPT Joe Walker C/CPT Mike Arnone.

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1 NALC 2003 Seminar Prepared By: C/LTC EJ Smith C/MAJ Michael Louer C/CPT Nathan Serena C/CPT Joe Walker C/CPT Mike Arnone

2 Cadet Creed I am an ARMY Cadet. Soon I will take an oath and become an Army Officer committed to DEFENDING the values which make this Nation great. HONOR is my touchstone. I understand MISSION first and PEOPLE always. I am the PAST, the spirit of those WARRIORS who have made the final sacrifice. I am the PRESENT, the scholar and apprentice soldier enhancing my skills in the science of warfare and the art of leadership. But above all I am FUTURE, the future WARRIOR LEADER of the United States Army. May God give me the compassion and judgment to lead and the gallantry in battle to WIN. I WILL DO MY DUTY.

3 Agenda I.Camp Breakdown II.Arrival at the National Advanced Leadership Camp III.Evaluation Process IV.RECONDO V.Army Physical Fitness Test VI.Garrison Life VII.Platoon Streamers VIII.Admin Training IX.Land Navigation X.Squad Situational Tactical Exercises XI.Patrolling XII.Field Life XIII.Cadet Professional Development Training XIV.Closing Remarks

4 Camp Breakdown Phase 1 : In-processing, Physical, APFT Phase 2 : FLRC, confidence course, BRM, Automatic Weapons / Indirect Fire Phase 3 : Land Navigation, NBC, Audie Murphy course, CWST Phase 4 : Squad STX Phase 5 : Patrolling Ops, Out-processing

5 Arrival at NALC Stick to the packing list, you have to carry your baggage (non-essentials will be confiscated) Military Liaison will be available at baggage claim Be ready to take charge right away Orders/paperwork (multiple copies) Arrive with a positive attitude PX Privileges

6 Evaluation Process Peer Evaluations What Platoon TACs are looking for What STX TACs are looking for What Patrol TACs are looking for Yellow cards – track every little detail Be prepared for constructive criticism – don’t take things personally

7 RECONDO Recondo Requirements –270 PT score with at least a 90 in each event –Execute all Training events (first time go) –Combat water survival test –Land Nav –BRM –Squad STX –Leadership Dimensions and the area of Values Successfully complete camp without a performance waiver. Medical waivers are acceptable.

8 APFT First Impression Be in the best shape you can be in prior to camp PT standards (pushup & sit-ups) Run - Get to front of starting line (you'll run faster on this course) Platoon PT

9 Garrison Life Barracks Maintenance Orders process Change of Command Chow – be on time, do not skip meals PT Squad development

10 Garrison Life Cont. Barracks maintenance will be majority of activity during downtime Company command positions require a lot of time and preparation Latrine Usage (30 males, 10 females) Drill & Ceremony / Cadence Be flexible and understanding - every plan will change at least twice Be a team player

11 Platoon Streamers Most Training Events –Land Nav –Hand Grenade –BRM –Barracks Maintenance –Audie Murphy –APFT –Confidence course –Automatic weapons –Call for Fire Platoon with most streamers gets honor platoon which goes on camp CER

12 Admin Training 1.Field Leadership Reaction Course 2.Nuclear, Biological and Chemical 3.Basic Rifle Marksmanship 4.Combat Water Survival Training 5.Individual Hand Grenade Training 6.Audie Murphy Course 7.Confidence course 8.Automatic Weapons / Indirect Fire

13 FLRC Develop individual leadership skills Promote teamwork within squad Evaluated on ability to problem solve under pressure

14 NBC Familiarization with NBC Equipment Don and wear NBC gear MOPP-4 Assault Course Experience the gas chamber

15 BRM M-16 familiarization Zero Qualify on the range (23 out of 40 to pass)

16 CWST / Swim Test Basic water survival techniques 25-meter swim Use uniform as flotation device Platform dive

17 Individual Hand Grenade Training Identify types of grenades –Characteristics, uses Employ a live hand grenade Timed hand grenade assault course “Are you ready for the BIG BOOM?”

18 Audie Murphy Course Individual Tactical Training –Individual movement techniques Negotiate demanding obstacle course

19 Confidence Course Designed to challenge –Physical endurance –Personal courage Work both individual and in groups to complete each obstacle

20 Automatic Weapons / Indirect Fire Have fun with it Follow directions and enforce safety Practice call for fire in garrison

21 Land Navigation Practice with your squad in garrison Written test Practical Test - very important to pass first time Attack points vs. Dead reckoning Trust your pace count Be careful of cadet super highways

22 Squad STX Don’t stress, you’re not expected to know everything about tactics Stay calm When in charge, take charge Develop SOP’s in Garrison Know battle drills 1-5, and how to properly conduct a recon and an ambush

23 Squad STX – Variable Lanes The variable lanes are not hard – use common sense You’ll know who the high-speed cadets in your squad are - make use of them Utilize foreign language speaking cadets Be cordial with the Press/reporters, but do not waste time with them Stay Calm!

24 Patrolling Highlights Every cadet will have a graded leadership position Four days of continuous tactical operations –Mission/Movement/Follow-On Mission –Little sleep –AO is rather large…you will be constantly on the move with all of your gear TACs are not your garrison TACs

25 Patrolling Specifics Two squads are combined to form a section –Patrol Leader (PL) –Assistant Patrol Leader (APL) –Team Leaders Two TACs –One officer and one NCO

26 Mission Types Reconnaissance Link up with allies Accept the surrender of an enemy/defector Ambush Raid Coordinated attack with allies

27 Between Missions Patrol Base Activities –Priorities of Work: Establish Security Alert Plans Withdrawal Plans Maintenance Plans Sanitation and Hygiene Plans Mess Plan Water Plan Expect sniper fire and indirect fire Be prepared to relocate your patrol base frequently

28 Field Life No shelter halves: poncho liners & spooning No shower for up to five days, bring baby wipes Buy insect repellent, mosquito hood Bring multiple pairs of socks, change them often & use Goldbond

29 CPDT Advice on CTLT –What to bring –What to expect –How to get involved –Challenges Other Training How to pick-up CPDT Slots at NALC –Be aggressive!

30 Closing Remarks Be familiar with technical/tactical areas as much as possible Be a team player - Your platoon depends on you as much as you depend on them Be in the best physical shape you can be prior to arriving A positive attitude will play a major role in your success

31 NALC 2003 Seminar Prepared By: C/LTC EJ Smith C/MAJ Michael Louer C/CPT Nathan Serena C/CPT Joe Walker C/CPT Mike Arnone

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