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Warrior Way – Waunakee Middle School Behavior Expectations.

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1 Warrior Way – Waunakee Middle School Behavior Expectations

2 Warrior Way Awards □ Responsibility to self □ Respect for others □ Respect for our school Name:__________________________ Date:___________________________ Teacher:________________________ Follow those expectations and you are sure to receive one of these… Good for…

3 What Do I do With My Warrior Way Awards?? Snack Cart Homeroom Popcorn Party Monthly Pizza party drawing PBIS store Big Events

4 Collect three and get a snack from the snack cart!! Or use one and 50 cents. Or two and 25 cents.

5 All School Dance!!! And Activities We will be having an ALL SCHOOL DANCE on October 16 th during the school day. You will need one Warrior Way Award to enter.

6 Popcorn in HOMEROOM Collect 25 Warrior Way Awards collectively with your homeroom and you may schedule a popcorn party date!

7 Monthly Pizza Party for you and 3 friends! Put your Warrior Way Awards in the box in the office for our monthly pizza party! You and 3 friends will be treated to pizza and soda at lunch time when your name is drawn!

8 PBIS Store Check out the PBIS Store in front of the café. The store will be open every Friday of the year during your lunch periods for you to purchase goodies. Save up your Warrior Way Awards for whatever catches your eye! A new addition this year will be GUM!!

9 Other Upcoming Events that will use Warrior Way Awards… Holiday Student Staff Challenge (December 19 th ) Pie A Teacher Event (March 19 th )

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