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POLLUTION BATTLE Register now: Sign up to save our planet your country needs you! Pollution is a Crime Obey the following rules & prevent DISTRUCTION.

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2 POLLUTION BATTLE Register now: Sign up to save our planet your country needs you! Pollution is a Crime Obey the following rules & prevent DISTRUCTION  Recycle paper  Don’t waste water  Reuse plastic  Recycle cans  Use a compost bin  Don’t litter  Don’t waste energy  Recycle old glasses  Don’t throw away old mobiles  Use public transport or walk  Don’t drop gum  Reuse old clothes

3 SAVE OUR TREES At home in work and in school we all waste a lot of paper Paper is made from trees so the more we use the more trees have to be cut down. ECO WARRIOR SOLUTION: 1.Get an old cardboard box 2.Label it paper 3.Place it beside your regular bin 4.Encourage people to recycle paper 5.Empty the box out once a week into your Green Oxigen bin SOS: Save our souls

4 NOT A DROP TO DRINK Word of Warning-Water is Precious Conserve it. Get a basin to rinse/clean your fruit & veg. For car washing use a bucket of water not a hose. Fix leaking taps as soon as you hear them. Only use your dishwasher & washing machine when they are full. Don't leave the tap running while brushing your teeth. Don’t get washed away in the shower reduce the time you spend in it. Know how to turn off your water supply.

5 PLASTIC FANTASTIC Most food products come in plastic packaging. Think of how much every family eats & bins in 1 day. Plastic can be recycled so make the effort. WARRIOR WARNING: You must rinse off any food left on the plastic or else it will not be suitable for recycling. Try to get into the habit of rinsing out drink bottles, yoghurt cartons, sauce bottles, microwave dinner containers, sandwich packaging etc.

6 CASH FOR CANS Collect empty aluminium cans and get some cash for your school. Your local waste contractor will give you 60cent per bag or 30cent per kilo. WARRIOR WARNING: Make sure the cans are empty going into the bin or else things will get very sticky & messy. So go on set up a collection point for empty fizzy drink cans and go can crazy.

7 COMPOST CRAZY We all try to eat more fruit & veg to be healthy. We can also save our planet by recycling the leftovers in a compost bin. All fruit skins & cores as well as veg skins rot & turn into great fertiliser for soil. You can buy compost bins in any hardware store & set it up in your garden Have a mini compost bin in your kitchen. WARRIOR WARNING- Empty it out into the garden quite frequently as it can get very smelly.

8 ENERGY BATTLE  Its important to try to save energy here are some easy tips  Turn off lights on leaving a room  Don’t have the blinds down & lights on when its sunny  Turn off the heating if it is too warm don’t just open the window  Don’t leave electrical equipment on when you aren't using it WARRIOR WARNING-  Don’t leaving a mobile phone to charge all night as it can over heat & cause a fire.

9 SIGHT SAVING Most opticians now collect old prescription glasses which can be used in third world countries. Collected eyeglasses are cleaned, repaired and measured to determine the correction. Available glasses are cataloged in a computer database, and matched to people in need. Many of the glasses are sent to other countries Set up a collection box in your school where people can drop in old glasses and help give people across the gift of sight

10 MOBILE MORGUE  You can recycle your old mobile phone in most phone shops or Oxfam stores  Oxfam can turn your unwanted or broken mobile phones and their accessories into funds to support their work with poor people all over the world.  Think about it.... A Nokia 3310, worth €30/20 to us, can feed a family of five for a month in an emergency situation.  So B-ring B-ring them in

11 LITTER BUG So many people dump rubbish on the streets even when there are bins all around. It is polluting our planet and messing up our towns. Chewing gum costs a lot of money to remove. So don’t be a litter bug BIN IT! WARRIOR WARNING: You will be charged an on-the-spot fine of 125 euro for leaving or throwing litter in a public place. There is a maximum fine of 3,000 euro if you are convicted of a litter offence in the District Court

12 GET ACTIVE  How many of us jump in the car when we could use public transport or better still walk or cycle?  Make an effort to reduce petrol pollution by car pooling or forming a walking club to school to help bring junior pupils safely to school. WARRIOR WARNING:  Oil is a fossil fuel that is non-renewable, when we use it up it will be gone forever. Already petrol prices are beginning to soar and we need to think of alternative means of transport. Battery powered vehicles may be the way forward.

13 OLD CLOTHES  Every once in a while clear out your wardrobe and the clothes which your friends or family wont use can be sent to a charity shop and be recycled.  You can jazz up an old pair of jeans by turning them into cut offs or adding sequences.  Any clothes that are not in good condition can be used as rags.  When you have finished school, instead of burning your uniform donate it to your school & it will be given to a family who may not be able to afford a new one. You can also donate school books or things like communion dresses.

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