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National Benefits Group Affordable Health & Life Solutions.

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1 National Benefits Group Affordable Health & Life Solutions

2 Top-Rated Companies

3 We believe in “asset protection!” All health and life insurance plans we represent offer the BEST coverage for the catastrophic Protect your family, your home, your business & everything you’ve worked for!

4 Don’t be fooled… Many health plans offer great coverage for “little” things like colds, but fail to provide sufficient coverage for major things like organ transplants or cancer! According to a Harvard study, a leading cause of personal bankruptcies are medical bills, and three-quarters of those bankruptcy filers HAD health insurance at the time! – USA Today, Feb. 2, 2005

5 HSAs: The future of health insurance is here now! “Over 40 Million HSAs will be established in the 10 years”- USA Today, January 25, 2004 Sometimes referred to as a “Medical IRA,” as it’s very similar to an IRA plan. Huge tax incentives Lower Premiums One Deductible for the Entire Family to Share, and 100% Coverage After!

6 A solution to health care… “Health savings accounts address a growing need in our health care system. These accounts will help working Americans afford health insurance that is growing out of their reach. They will help restrain the health care costs that are affecting us all.” _President George W Bush, January 28, 2004 _

7 H.S.A.s are in the news everyday:

8 The company leading the way in HSAs… The first company to introduce MSAs, and helped write the new HSA legislation! Over 110 years old Bigger than Microsoft, Proctor & Gamble & DuPont. Top Financial Strength and Profitability Headquarters In Milwaukee, WI

9 The One-Deductible HSA One deductible for the entire family to share, and for everything you do, including doctor visits, Rx, outpatient or inpatient treatment! Once the deductible is met, the plan offers 100% coverage for the entire family, including doctor visits and prescription drugs! If you do not meet your calendar year deductible, you qualify for a 10% “healthy discount” off future rate increases! $3 to $8 million lifetime coverage per person!

10 Deductible Options: $1,600$2,100$2,600$5,000 $3,200$4,200$5,200 $10,000 Individual: Family:

11 Your HSA Savings Account... Can be used for all medical expenses that apply towards your health insurance deductible Can also be used for other medical expenses, including dental and vision care. No minimum deposit required Earns 2-3% tax-deferred interest (on balances of $750 or more) Money rolls over at the end of the year, so you can “save your money for a rainy day!” Access funds via debit card, checkbook, and online banking.

12 The best part: H.S.A. contributions are 100% tax- deductible!

13 Our package also includes... Up to $250,000 cash benefit if you get diagnosed with a terminal illness. A term life plan with a return of premium benefit- if you outlive the term, you get a complete and total refund of all the money you’ve paid in premium!

14 May we suggest... Critical Illness coverage- pays you a cash benefit if you get diagnosed with a life- threatening illness Disability Insurance Helps replace your income if you become disabled, and cannot work

15 We also offer... Dental Programs Health Discount Plans Short Term or Student Health Plans Medicare Supplements Long Term Care A Variety of Term and Universal Life Insurance Plans

16 Thanks Again for your time and interest! God Bless!

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