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Joshua Laub Jake Tynis Lindsey Andrews Advisor: Dr. Robert Ash.

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1 Joshua Laub Jake Tynis Lindsey Andrews Advisor: Dr. Robert Ash

2  Small, lightweight satellites  Orbital energies as high as 29 MJ!  NASA/IADC (UN) Guideline: Orbital lifetime of 25 years or less  Our Objective: Demonstrate proof of concept deorbiting device using inflation

3  We have designed and fabricated the inflatable container  Sourced materials for constructing a flight ready prototype  Procured the necessary individual components to assemble a proof of concept prototype  Analyzed the orbit with STK orbital software to confirm the inflatable size necessary  Conducted inflation tests to develop an effective folding technique

4  Further testing of the integrated product requires a simulation of the rupturing membrane  Must provide temporary rigidity to restrain stowed inflatable, while allow access to inflation port  Must also cleanly tear and not restrict inflation 10 cm 4 cm

5  Conducted in the Physics Instrumentation Lab

6  Remote control valve actuation  More accurately simulates the actual initiation method  On orbit initiation would be triggered from the main CubeSat bus

7  Vacuum chamber  Physics Department vacuum chamber is currently undergoing a retrofit  This will allow for vacuum testing in pressures as low as less than 1 millibar (P atm = 1013.5 millibar)  Additionally, this vacuum chamber can be utilized by the Physics Department for various other student projects

8 Prototype MaterialCost 2 Mil Mylar$60 Contact Cement$10 Gas Cylinder (from lab)$0 Lab air$0 Aluminum (from stock)$0 Valve (Clippard)$48 Circuit board $5 Vacuum Chamber (Testing) $0 Microcontroller (Testing) $90 Misc.$20 Net cost:$233 Space-Qualified Design MaterialCostMass (g) Upilex-S polyimide film (50µm)$75126 Elastosil S$150.004 Aluminum 6061-T6$152.13 SUVA-236fa refrigerantunknown1.77 Aluminum 6061-T6 (from stock)$02.13 Upilex-S polyimide film (50µm)incl. above0.74 Dyneema$30.075 Clippard≥ $70Around 11 g Misc.$15 CostNet mass (g) $193143.849

9  We had projected we would complete the project 4/21/2011  The final test was conducted 4/20/2011 ( ! )

10  Investigation of different folding methods  Folding affects speed and ease of inflation  Low pressure deployments  Accurately simulate operational environment  Elaborate on the influence of pressure on membrane rupture  Scaling down of valve  Development of custom fabricated inflatable  Refinement of rupturing membrane

11  Goals were met  Extras  Remote valve actuation  Vacuum chamber for future testing  Challenges remain  Packaging  Custom inflatable  Scaling down of valve

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13  Questions?

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