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Kyli Doucette 16500 FM 529 RD Houston, Texas 77095.

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1 Kyli Doucette 16500 FM 529 RD Houston, Texas 77095

2 There are a little more than 17 employees at crossroads. I personally have only worked with and learned under about 14 of those employees. We are a very small, Family owned business. This allows there to be personal connections with almost all of the employees.

3 Owners

4  My title is a Patient Care Assistant or PCA.  I watch for signs of ailment.  I make sure all animals get proper nutrients while in our care.  I keep a clean and sterile environment for all animals.  I provide attention and exercise to all animals under our care.  I assist in restraining animals for tech checks. I spend the most time with all animals being boarded or dropped of. This creates a stronger bond between me and the animals making it easier for me to restrain or care for. There is a stronger trust between the PCA’s and the patients.

5 I start my work day by checking what animals are in boarding and drop offs. I make sure to memorize all animals names and where they are located for company efficiency. I then make sure every animal has a repot card. After that, I feed and re-water all the animals and then exercise. In between scheduled feeding and walking times I do laundry, dishes, sterilize examine rooms play with animals and get animals ready to go home. After we close, I vacuum, mop and take out the trash from the whole clinic.

6  Patricia is a vets assistant and my training station supervisor. She has a lot of the same job descriptions as I do. In addition to directly managing animals, she keeps track of who goes in and out of the boarding area and where each animal is placed. She also bathes animals.

7  I enjoy sterilizing the office, keeping the tech area clean and disinfect all surfaces and cages.

8 I've learned a lot about diseases and possible illnesses animals can give to each other if the area is not sterile.

9  I appreciate my personal time to shadow the doctors and technicians. Specifically in the operation room. I enjoy watching procedures I read and hear a lot about taking place.

10  This experience almost determines my future. This experience has given me an insiders look into one of my career options. Working at the vets office has taught me things about diseases, procedures, sterilization, signs and general patient care that will help me in either of my career choices. (veterinarian or Pediatric nurse practitioner)

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