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MY FILM IDEAS By Joannealice Parker. IDEA 1 DRUG  The story starts off by introducing the characters Stacey, Shannon and Claudia sitting together in.

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1 MY FILM IDEAS By Joannealice Parker

2 IDEA 1 DRUG  The story starts off by introducing the characters Stacey, Shannon and Claudia sitting together in a classroom at the back of the room. Tiffany would be with them, however sitting by herself looking sad and end up going to the bathroom. Tiffany ends up taking a while and the teacher goes to find her.  The three remaining girls decide to pull a nasty trick on Tiffany by putting drugs into her drink thinking it wont do much damage just making her a little woozy. Tiffany returns with the teacher and takes a sip of her drink and starts to feel different. The teacher ends up leaving the room to put files into the staff room.  Tiffany rushes to the bathroom and looks into the mirror and then gets flashbacks of the remaining three girls being horrible to her and Tiffany starts to cry.

3 PART 2  Meanwhile at the classroom, Clara and Courtney are laughing at her making fun of how she stumbled out the class. However Holly is feeling bad and shouts at both of them saying that Tiffany could be seriously hurt, but Courtney tries to reassure her by lying saying that she has taken both tablets at once, bit Holly just storms out find Tiffany.  Tiffany is still looking into the mirror however her expression has changed into angry whereas before it was confused and innocent. Tiffany turns towards the door as Stacey comes into the toilets. Holly looks at Tiffany confused and asks if she is okay. Tiffany breaks into tears and Stacey rushes to her and brings her into a hug.  You see an over the shoulder shot of Tiffany cry then stop looks up with a blank cruel expression. Stacey tries to get away form Tiffany but she struggles and Tiffany end up breaking her neck from trying to restrain her. Stacey falls limp to the floor and Tiffany steps over her body turns around and looks down. She then crouches down and says one bitch down two to go and smiles (she is still down at the body), as she leaves she starts whistling.

4 PART 3  At the classroom the two remaining girls are wondering where Stacey went and both go to explore. They look into the bathroom and find Stacey on the floor dead, and Shannon screams and runs to Stacey kneeling onto the floor yelling at her to wake up and trying to find a pulse and end up crying over her body. Mean while Claudia just stares at Stacey and leans against the wall and falls slowly to the floor, you will still be able to hear Shannon crying distantly.  Shannon manages to pull herself together and yells and Claudia to get help, but Claudia answers in silent and just stares at the body. After Shannon stands and goes up to Claudia and tries to push her though the door bit Claudia remains where she is standing and finally looks at Shannon and says what were those pills. Shannon steps back looking scared and say “I don’t know, I stole them from by brother I didn’t know it would do any harm. My brother takes drugs all the time and he doesn’t go around killing people.”

5 PART 4  At this point Shannon is yelling. After a while Claudia replies “did you actually see him put those pills in his mouth, well did you.” Shannon says in a quiet voice “No”. Claudia leaps into action and runs into the corridor. She screams for help but the corridors are deserted as it is after dark and people have left.  You get and over the shoulder shot of someone coming up behind Claudia and gets an object and whacks it on her head and falls to the floor. You see Tiffany walk around Claudia where she couches down and lifts one of her hand up and drop it to the floor. Tiffany smiles and drags her away down the corridor.  Meanwhile in the toilets Shannon kisses her friend on the head and goes off to find Claudia. When she doesn’t find her she goes back to the classroom to get her phone, however as she turns up to classroom all the light are off.  She walks in and finds Claudia slumped onto the chair with blood dripping down onto the table. Shannon staggers back and then looks around, after rushes forwards to try find a pulse and sobs after she finds no pulse. Shannon tries to wake Claudia up but doesn’t succeed.

6 PART 5  After the lights goes on and off and Shannon trips over the chair and falls to the floor. She crabs walks back breathing heavily. Then Tiffany appears at the door smiling and turns the light on and leans against the wall staring at Shannon with interest  Tiffany walks over to her with her smiling and stop until they are both face to face and stabs her with a pen. Stacey falls to the floor clutching her stomach and tries to crawl away with Tiffany laughing in the background. The camera will zoom in and will see the blood soaking her top. Tiffany will kneel forward and roll Shannon over and stab her again and again until she is not longer moving. You will see a lot of blood splatters on Tiffany’s face. Tiffany will stand up and walk to the door and stumble with everything going out of focus and end up on the floor unconscious.  The next day Tiffany wakes up disoriented and looks around her and see’s both bodies on the floor and gasps on shock then looks down and see’s blood on her face and start to look confused. The teacher comes back and looks at what has happened and finds Tiffany huddling in the corner of the room. The ending shot would be of Tiffany looking up into the camera with blood coating her hands and face crying then the shot will end.

7 IDEA 1 DRUG  Characters: Stacey- Holly Shannon- Courtney Holder Claudia- Clara Huso Tiffany- Khanderly Parker  Location Northampton College  Prop Drug- cold medicine or fizzy sweets

8 PROBLEMS  Actors reliability  Understand what drug does- add a scene with Stacey’s brother and his mates saying what the drug does. (location in alleyway, actors- Uram and Machiek.)  Length- might be too long- cut story by only having four characters.

9 IDEA 2 CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR  This story is set at a college, and is about some girls who mess with a book.  It starts off when one of the girls finds a spell book in an attic and brings it into college and shows her friends and they all test some of the spells out. The first spell is about love and a boy who one of the characters like falls for her the next day when she says the spell.  They then decide to test some more out one of them making ghosts. They say the spell in front of the mirror and see a girl ghost in the mirror.  They all start to freak out when they see the ghost in the mirror and all agree never to use the spell book again.  But then things start to go wrong and they try and reverse the spells but it doesn't work.  Girl gets scared as the boy gets overally obsessed and end up stalking her, boy end up accidentally killing her by grabbing her and saying we are meant to be together. And shakes her and she ends up falling down the stairs. End shot will be of the ghost in the mirror saying be careful what you wish for.

10 LOVE SPELLS  From the strike of 12 count 24 That's how long this spell is for If to abate my lonely heart I conjure thee, I conjure thee. I'm the queen, You're the bee. As I desire so shall it be. Wither my love Wherever he be Through time and space Bring him to me My love is strong My spirit weak It is an answer that i seek The question burns with in this fire So I may hear my hearts desire May peace and love, from the moon above flow through your heart, on the wings of a dove Hear these words, hear my rhyme Bless these two in this time Bring them both into the fold Help them now cross love's threshold

11 GHOST SPELL  Unknown spirit, we call to thee, Those who wish to set you free. Cross on over, so we may help. Come to us. Reveal yourself.  Hear these words, Hear my cry, Spirit from the other side, Come to me, I summon thee, Cross now the great divide  Beloved unknown Spirit,We seek your guidance,We ask that you commune with usAnd move among us

12  This story will be about a girl who goes to college and comes home and has a normal day, however when she gets up the next day the day starts over, however it repeats over and over.  As she goes through the next day she realizes nobody can see her. She tries to get their attention but they just ignore her.  Then as she is walking somebody knocks into her and look at her and says sorry. The girl is her bully. She finds out that she is the only person who can see her. She ends up bugging her until the girl agrees to help her.  She finds out that she need to fufill her ---- so she can move on.  She manages to find out that the girl that bullied her is poor and is living by herself.  She ends up forgiving her

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