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Sudden Illness Fainting Diabetic emergency Seizure Stroke Poisoning

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1 Sudden Illness Fainting Diabetic emergency Seizure Stroke Poisoning
Allergic Reaction

2 General Guidelines of Care
Do no further harm Monitor breathing and consciousness Help person rest in comfortable position Keep person from getting chilled/overheated Reassure the person Give any specific care needed

3 Fainting Definition: Temporary loss of consciousness; signal of a more serious underlying condition. Caused by temporary reduction of blood flow to the brain. Usually self-correcting. Normal circulation resumes when the person collapses. No lasting signals, you don’t need to call

4 Diabetic Emergency Definition: The body does not produce enough insulin or does not use insulin effectively. If the person is conscious and able to swallow, give sugar in the form of fruit juice, candy, a non-diet soft drink or table sugar. If the person is not able to swallow or a form of sugar is not available, call 9-1-1

5 Seizures Definition: When electrical activity of the brain becomes irregular it may result in a sudden loss of body control known as a seizure. Injury, disease, fever, poisoning or infection disrupts normal function of the brain. If seizing – protect from injury Remove nearby objects that could cause injury and protect the person’s head.

6 Seizures Cont’d Call 9-1-1 for any of the following situations –
Seizure lasts for more than 5 minutes Person has repeated seizures, w/out regaining consciousness Person is injured Person has diabetes or is pregnant Person fails to regain consciousness after seizure DO NOT – Try and stop the seizure Hold or restrain the person Put anything in the person’s mouth

7 Stroke Definition: “Brain Attack,” a blockage of blood flow to a part of the brain. Can cause permanent damage to the brain if the blood flow is not restored. Sudden signals of a stroke include – Weakness or numbness on one side including face/arm/leg. Difficulty speaking or slurred speech. Sudden dizziness. Blurred vision or sudden severe headache.

8 Think F.A.S.T.! Face: weakness on one side of the face.
Arm: weakness or numbness in one arm. Speech: slurred speech or trouble getting the words out. Time: time to call if you see any of these signals. Note the time that the signals began.

9 Poisoning Definition: Any substance that can cause injury, illness or death when introduced into the body. Poisons enter the body in four ways – Inhalation Swallowed Absorption Injection If you think someone has been poisoned, call the Poison Control Center (PCC) and follow their directions. PCC #: Do Not give anything by mouth unless otherwise directed

10 Allergic Reactions Insect bites, stings, contact with certain drugs, medications, foods and chemicals can cause an allergic reaction. If person is suffering a severe allergic reaction: Check, Call, Care Use epinephrine auto-injector

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