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FIA Budapest 18 May 2011 The socio-economic impacts of the Future Internet FIA Budapest 18 May 2011.

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1 FIA Budapest 18 May 2011 The socio-economic impacts of the Future Internet FIA Budapest 18 May 2011

2 FIA Budapest 18 May 2011 FI-PPP and the economics of privacy The FI3P project is concerned with the socioeconomic impacts of Future Internet – orientated public-private partnership activities post-2014 The prologue is provided by the current tranche of Future Internet PPP activities, especially those initiated under Call 7 of FP7: –Core Platform development –Use Cases –Support for infrastructure –This will change the economics of privacy-related services by creating a common baseline, leaving open the possibility of enhanced services –Much depends on the uptake: 2

3 FIA Budapest 18 May 2011 FI-Ware Core Platform The FI-WARE core platform is founded on: –Service Delivery Framework – the infrastructure to create, publish, manage and consume FI services across their life cycle, addressing all technical and business aspects. –Cloud Hosting – the fundamental layer which provides the computation, storage and network resources, upon which services are provisioned and managed. –Support Services – the facilities for effective accessing, processing, and analyzing massive streams of data, and semantically classifying them into valuable knowledge. –IoT Enablement – the bridge whereby FI services interface and leverage the ubiquity of heterogeneous, resource ‐ constrained devices in the Internet of Things. –Interface to Networks – open interfaces to networks and devices, providing the connectivity needs of services delivered across the platform. –Security – the mechanisms which ensure that the delivery and usage of services is trustworthy and meets security and privacy requirements. Each is closely connected to the provision of site-specific or distributed privacy services 3

4 FIA Budapest 18 May 2011 Core platform scenarios A single ‘dominant’ Core platform’ that is: –‘Ours’ –European-dominated and consistent with the Core Platform architecture –‘European’ – dominated by a largely European (most probably de facto) “standard” that differs from the FI PPP but may be influenced by it –‘Theirs’ – dominated by firms, standards incompatible with European ones –‘All of ours’ –truly global Core Platform reflecting European and non- European architectures, players, use case requirements, concepts of privacy, etc. Multiple platforms that are: –Interoperating and mutually-open; –Fragmented along sectoral and/or regional lines with limited interoperability. Ours vs. theirs influences the embedding of European notions of privacy and capability to enforce rules and restrain emergence of invasive business models (from ‘new oil’ to behavioural profiling and influence Multiplicity influences end-to-end vs. compartmentalised concepts of identity 4

5 FIA Budapest 18 May 2011 Use Cases Privacy and security concerns are likely to play a role in: –design and offering of solutions –consumer uptake and acceptance –Candidates include Safe City, Outsmart, FI- Content (games) 5

6 FIA Budapest 18 May 2011 Analysis of current internet economy Analysis shows that Europe his different strengths different parts of the European Internet Economy Strongest in the telecom/infrastructure element; weaker in services and innovative business models These (sub)sectors have different privacy histories; Outside Europe, there is growing evidence that major OSPs differ in privacy policies, transparency and performance; the biggest are by no means best Innovation from the fringes is likely to be crucial – this is a major challenge for specifically-European concepts of privacy, esp. in relation to e.g. Cloud hosting. 6

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