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Lesson 9 Diet and Exercise

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1 Lesson 9 Diet and Exercise
Vocabulary Words Lesson 9 Diet and Exercise

2 Aerobic Adjective Having to do with strengthening the heart through increasing oxygen consumption Running, walking, and swimming are aerobic activities.

3 Compulsive Adjective Compelling; caused by an obsession
Watching their diets can become compulsive for ballet dancers.

4 Condition Noun State of physical fitness
My doctor advised me to resume swimming in order to get back into good condition.

5 Diligence Noun Long, steady effort; perseverance
It takes diligence to train to be an Olympic athlete.

6 Fanatic Noun One who is excessively enthusiastic
Since Anne took the exercise class, she has become a fanatic about physical fitness.

7 Gaunt Adjective Excessively thin, often caused my suffering
The overly restricted diet left the girl pale and gaunt.

8 Insensible Adjective Unconscious; unable to feel sensation or emotions
The weight-lifter was knocked insensible when he tripped over a dumbbell and hit his head.

9 Languid Adjective Listless; having no energy or vitality
It is no wonder he acts languid after his rigorous, four-hour workouts.

10 Nutrient Noun A substance that nourishes
What nutrient is common to both apples and oranges?

11 Nutritious Adjective Nourishing
Eating a nutritious breakfast is a good way to begin each day.

12 Obese Adjective Fat; grossly overweight
Many teens feel they are obese when they are only slightly overweight.

13 Physiological Adjective
Pertaining to the normal functioning of living organisms A physiological study of the community has determined that poor nutrition is our most serious health problem.

14 Physique Noun The body, with reference to its form
The young woman has excellent posture and the physique of a dancer.

15 Recline Verb To lie back
Some people recline on a slant board and then do sit-ups.

16 Rejuvenate Verb To make youthful again
My mother hoped a vigorous daily workout would rejuvenate her.

17 Restrain Verb To prevent from doing; to keep under check
I often need to restrain myself from eating second helpings.

18 Sprint Verb To run a short distance at top speed
I was late for school and had to sprint the last block.

19 Sustenance Noun Something that maintains life or health, especially food A well-balanced, low-fat diet will provide ample sustenance.

20 Torso Noun The trunk of a human body
A good workout will exercise all of the muscles in the torso.

21 Wheeze Verb To breathe with difficulty; to make a hoarse, whistling sound I was so winded after the long race that I started to wheeze.

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