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VOCABULARY For the High School Student HAROLD LEVINE

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1 VOCABULARY For the High School Student HAROLD LEVINE


3 1. CACHE /’kash/ Noun Hiding place to store something
After confessing, the robber led detectives to a cache of stolen gems in the basement.

4 2. COMMEND Verb Praise; mention favorably; compliment
The volunteers were commended for their heroic efforts to save lives. COMMENDABLE Adjective Praiseworthy; laudable

5 3. CUR Noun Worthless dog Lassie is a kind and intelligent animal. Please don’t refer to her as a “cur.”

6 4. DESPOTIC Adjective Of a despot (a monarch having absolute power); domineering; dictatorial; tyrannical; autocratic DESPOTISM Noun Tyranny; dictatorship

7 5. DISPUTE Verb Argue about; debate; declare not true; call into question; oppose; challenge Charley disputed my solution until I showed him definite proof that I was right. DISPUTATIOUS Adjective Argumentative contentious

8 6. EDIFICE Noun Building, especially a large or impressive building
The huge edifice under construction near the airport will be a hotel.

9 7. ERA Noun Historical period; period of time; age; epoch
The atomic era began with the dropping of the first atomic bomb in 1945.

10 8. INITIATE Verb Begin; introduce; originate; inaugurate
The Pilgrims initiated the custom of celebrating Thanksgiving Day. Put through the ceremony of becoming a member; admit; induct Next Friday our club is going to initiate three new members INITIATION Noun Induction; installation

11 9. JOLLY ROGER Noun Pirates’ flag; black flag with white skull and crossbones The Jolly Roger flying from the mast of the approaching ship indicated that it was a pirate ship.

12 10. MULTITUDE Noun Very large number of people or things; crowd; throng; horde; swarm There was such a multitude outside the store waiting for the sale to begin that we decided to return later. MULTITUDINOUS Adjective Many; numerous

13 11. PERCEIVE Verb Become aware of through the senses; see; note; observe; behold; understand When the lights went out, I couldn’t see a thing, but gradually I was able to perceive the outlines of the larger pieces of furniture. PERCEPTION Noun Idea; conception

14 12. PORTAL Noun (usually plural) door; entrance, especially, a grand or impressive one; gate The original doors at the main entrance have been replaced by bronze portals.

15 13. RESERVED Adjective Restrained in speech or action; reticent; uncommunicative; tightlipped; taciturn Mark was reserved at first but became much more communicative when he got to know us better. Unsociable; aloof; withdrawn

16 14. RESTRAIN Verb Hold back; check; curb; repress; keep under control
Midred could not restrain her impulse to open the package immediately, even though it read, “Do not open before Christmas.”

17 15. RETRACT Verb Draw back; withdraw; take back; unsay
You can depend on Frank. Once he has given his promise, he will not retract it.

18 16. SPINE Noun Chain of small bones down the middle of the back; backbone The ribs are curved bones extending from the spine and enclosing the upper part of the body. SPINELESS Adjective Having no backbone; weak; indecisive; cowardly

19 17. STROLL Noun Idle and leisurely walk; ramble
It was a warm spring afternoon, and many people were out for a stroll.

20 18. TIMOROUS Adjective Full of fear; afraid; timid
I admit I was timorous when I began my speech, but as I went along, I felt less and less afraid.

21 19. TUITION Noun Payment for instruction
When I go to college, I will probably work each summer to help pay the tuition.

22 20. VERSION Noun Account or description from one point of view; interpretation Now that we have Vera’s description of the accident, let us listen to your version. Translation THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO was written in French, but you can read it in English version.


24 A(n) *** of desperate depositors gathered outside the closed ***.
If you prove me wrong, I will gladly *** my statement. It is hoped that the settlement just reached will *** a new *** of cooperation between labor and management. Most of us would be too *** to try sky-diving. ERA, RETRACT, TIMOROUS MULTITUDE, INITIATE, DISPUTE

25 Since you *** my *** of what was said at today’s meeting, I am eager to hear your interpretation.
Many college students hold part-time jobs to help pay their ***. In our *** down Broadway, we passed one magnificent *** after another. EDIFICE, TUITION, STROLL, VERSION, DISPUTE

26 Sit up straight. Slouching tend to deform the ***.
It is hard to *** why any people would prefer to keep their saving in a(n) *** at home, instead of an insured saving bank. Why are you so *** today? Don’t you have anything to say? RESERVED, CACHE, SPINE, PERCEIVE

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