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USCG Enforcement for the Implementation of TWIC

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1 USCG Enforcement for the Implementation of TWIC
- + Presented By: MST2 Brian Dove

2 Overview TWIC Verification by You:
What you can do to identify TWIC validity. Steps you need to take for verification of a TWIC. How to get the Coast Guard involved. TWIC Verification by the Coast Guard: What we do to verify a valid TWIC. Coast Guard Enforcement on Your Facility: USCG enforcement guidance for facilities not in compliance.

3 TWIC Verification by the Facility
Identifying Deficiencies Suspected Invalid or Fraudulent TWIC Check TWIC for signs of tampering and authenticity. Visually compare the TWIC to the individual. Question the individual, remember you are the FSO and have the authority to do so.

4 Steps for YOU to Take Attempt to check person’s identity by using an alternate form of identification. ASK the individual to remain at the access control point. Notify the Coast Guard Situational Unit Controller and await further instruction. Prevent unescorted access at minimum. 1) Facility owner/Operator may grant escorted access if they want. However, care should be exercised if escorted access is permitted since even a suspected fraudulent TWIC may be considered suspicious activity.

5 What NOT to Do… DO NOT attempt to restrain the individual or inform them they may not leave. DO NOT attempt to confiscate the TWIC from the individual.

6 Suspicious Activity Examples:
Multiple TWIC cards suspected to be fraudulent presented for access in short period of time. Individual attempting access multiple times with same suspected fraudulent TWIC. A single fraudulent or invalid TWIC should be reported to COTP Situation Controller, not NRC.

7 USCG Contact All suspicious activity must be reported to the National Response Center (NRC). Report a single fraudulent or invalid TWIC to the COTP by notifying the Situation Unit Controller. NRC: Situation Unit Controller:

8 TWIC Verification by the Coast Guard
What: Visual inspection Handheld readers to verify TWIC information Match Biometric template on the TWIC with fingerprint of the individual presenting the TWIC and provide access pin number.

9 Secure Three Factor Authentication
TWIC follows the National Security Agencies Secure three factor authentication model Something you have? TWIC Credential Something you know? PIN Something you are? Finger Print Match

10 After 3… Give It to Me!

11 TWIC Verification by the Coast Guard
When: During MTSA Spot Checks, Annual Exams, and Random TWIC Spot Checks. When notified of a fraudulent or invalid TWIC from the facility.

12 Coast Guard Enforcement on the Facility
Cooperative relationship - Keep an open line of communication with the Coast Guard. We are here to help! Types of Enforcement Include: On-the-spot corrections Deficiency reports Letter of Warning Notice of Violation Civil Penalties Types of enforcement are based also on the severity of the violation or deficiency, if one is serious enough, steps of enforcement can be skipped to higher levels to gain compliance. Just because it’s a first violation/deficiency, doesn’t mean that a facility is entitled to only a deficiency report.


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