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Vocabulary Grammar Numerals My parents (___?___) the noisy city. They want to go to the country next week. A: are full ofB: are responsible for C: are.

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2 Vocabulary Grammar Numerals

3 My parents (___?___) the noisy city. They want to go to the country next week. A: are full ofB: are responsible for C: are tired of D: are sure of

4 Have you ever been to Ostankinskaya Tower? Let’s go there. It’s (____?___) visiting. A: niceB: worth C: wellD: well-known

5 In London most museums are (____?____). A: free C: local B: new D: friendly

6 The writer was born in the nineteenth ____(?)____. A: yearB: calendar C: century D: age

7 The scientist couldn’t _____(?)_____ his works for a long time. A: publishB: put C: spend D: learn

8 Will you ____(?)___ our society of young scientists? A: goB: come C: enjoyD: join

9 What ____(?)___ of people are they? A: lot B: character D: kingC: kind

10 Look at this dirty shirt! He has just ___(?)___ with Sam. A: played the pianoB: joined C: watchedD: had a fight

11 Have you ever heard of the London Zoological ______(?)_____? A: houseB: square C: insectD: society

12 Have you bought Christmas presents for all your _____(?)_____? A: relationsB: relatives C: situationsD: nicknames

13 Let’s have breakfast! I’ve already ____(?)_____ the table. A: clearedB: put C: set D: taken out

14 A: get rid of D: bringC: wash up B: take out “Andrew, _____(?)_____ the rubbish, please”, his mother said.

15 My aunt is going to cook a giant ____(?)_____. A: pieB: pepper D: party C: picnic

16 B: open C: fineD: healthy The weather was fine and we spent the whole day in the _____(?)_____ air. A: close

17 A: musicalB: political D: social C: music I am fond of music and I always watch ______(?)_____ programmes.

18 A: is responsible B: is made C: is famous D: is founded This place _____(?)_____ for its old church.

19 Two sisters had a lot in _____(?)_____. A: commonB: characteristic D: programmeC: alike


21 B: taken C: will takeD: take A: took He has already ____(?)____ his puppy for a walk.

22 A: will watch B: watch C: watched D: watching The scientist has never ____(?)____ the little rhino.

23 Have you ever _____(?)______ to Westminster Abbey? A: beenB: be C: was D: are

24 The old man has already ______(?)_____ with his cat. A: playedB: play D: playing C: will play

25 B: met C: will meetD: meeting My brother has just _____(?)____ his best friend at the zoo. A: meet

26 A: is arranging B: arranged C: has arranged D: arranges Her elder sister _____(?)_____ a great party recently.

27 His little sister usually _____(?)____ care of their pets. A: is takingB: took C: has takenD: takes

28 A: will take D: has goneC: is taking B: has taken My nephew is tired. He ____(?)___just_____(?)____ out the rubbish.

29 We ______(?)_____ to give up this job. A: are goingB: will go C: has gone D: went

30 I ____(?)____ this science fiction story recently. A: readB: will read C: have read D: am reading

31 Tomorrow they _____(?)____ yellow and red leaves in the autumn forest. A: collectB: collected C: collectingD: will collect

32 A: will play B: played C: are playing D: play Look! The children _____(?)____ tennis outside.

33 She ______(?)____ not decorate her room yesterday. A: didB: is D: do C: does

34 Every year he ____(?)____ special presents for his nephews. A: will buyB: bought C: buyD: buys



37 3 A: treeB: three C: triD: trie

38 Five A: 3B: 4 C: 2D: 5

39 11 A: ilevenB: elewen C: eleven D: ilewen

40 one A: 2B: 7 C: 5D: 1

41 A: ieght D: eieghtC:eihgt B: eight 8

42 ten A: 6B: 9 C: 10 D: 4

43 12 A: twelveB: tvelwe C: tvelveD: twelwe

44 nine A: 4B: 1 C: 9 D: 7

45 2 A: twoB: tu D: twuC: tvo

46 six A: 5B: 4 C: 2D: 6


48 25 A: twenty fiveB: twenti five C: tventy-fiveD: twenty-five

49 A: 13 D: 12C: 15 B: 14 fourteen

50 41 A: forty oneB: fortyone C: forty-one D: forti-one

51 seventy-three A: 73B: 72 D: 74C: 76

52 32 A: thirtytwoB: thirty two C: thirty-two D: threety-two

53 sixty-seven A: 64B: 66 C: 51D: 67

54 A: nine-for D: ninefourC: nine four B: ninety-four 94

55 twenty-six A: 26B: 25 D: 23C: 24

56 70 A: sewentiB: sewenty C: seventy D: seventi

57 forty-nine A: 41 D: 45C: 48 B: 49


59 5000 A: five thousandB: five thausand C:five thousend D: fiwe thousand

60 B: 245 C: 241D: 249 two hundred and forty-five A: 242

61 2000000 A: two millionB: two millions D: two milion C: twenty million

62 six hundred and twelve A: 622B: 613 C: 620D: 612

63 700000 A: seventeen hundred thousand B: seven hundred thousands C: seven hundred thousand D: sevens hundred thousand

64 five hundred and ninety-five A:595B: 599 C: 591D: 598

65 A: ones hundred and forty-four B: one hundred and forty four C: one hundred and forty-four D: one hundred and forty-fours 144

66 nine hundred and ninety-nine A: 9099 D: 9999C: 99 B: 999

67 7603 A: sevens thousands six hundreds and three B: seven thousand six hundreds and three C: seven thousand six hundred and three D: seven thousands six hundred and three

68 twenty million and sixteen A:2000016 B: 200016 C: 20000016 D: 200000016


70 The End ГБОУ СОШ №3 п. г. т. Смышляевка Астафуров Димитрий Юрьевич учитель английского языка

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