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Whittington by Alan Armstrong.

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1 Whittington by Alan Armstrong

2 Quote Matching “Because I’m not cute anymore.”
Whittington “Listen to your blood enemy and you may learn enough to save your lives.” The Old One (rat) “That’s okay, I’ll have rat.”

3 Quote Matching “Imagine me, with no college, helping out in a classroom.” Marion “Too young, lad. Try when you’re fourteen and brawny.” Will “Dick got cut deep from the corner of his mouth to his right ear when he pulled the knife from his teeth.” Whittington

4 Quote Matching “Ma figured I was dead anyway, so she felt down my pipe to where things was stuck and cut it open to get the bone and all out.” Will “We’re going to have a parley. For the moment you’re safe under my protection.” Lady “Tit for tat.” A rat

5 Quote Matching “Whittington, you’re the law, but I’m in charge.”
Lady “S-sir, will you please sell me your cat?” Dick “I’m nocturnal.” Whittington

6 Quote Matching “Hairball.”
Whittington “Buy a quarter or three-quarters, but nothing less and nothing more.” Sir Louis “The Great Rat took me on.” Dick’s first cat

7 Quote Matching “I’ll have to tie you down and bind your paws because when you feel the knife you’ll fight.” Dick “In reading some guy teased me, said I sounded like an air compressor - ppppaaappttt.” Ben “That chicken was dead. Havey did something.” Bernie

8 Quote Matching “You’ve been a good friend to me, boy, almost kin, like I told old Radish Face you was.” Will “I got the story from my mother, who got it from her mother - up the chain, mother to daughter, mother to daughter, all the way back to Dick Whittington’s cat.” Whittington “It isn’t just Ben, we’ve all passed!” Lady “I have to see my boy again, the boy in my home before.”

9 Illustrations Describe Ribsy in the final photograph where both Henry and the other boy are trying to get Ribsy to come to them. He has four heads - each one looking a different direction.

10 Illustrations What is Beezus holding in the illustration where she wants the boys off of her property?

11 Illustrations What does the trophy cup that Henry won at the dog show say? WOOFIE’S UNUSUAL WINNER

12 Illustrations Henry is shown looking at the window during class. What is he holding in his hand, and what is he looking at out the window? He’s holding a pencil and looking at the snow outside

13 Illustrations Henry is shown outside at night holding a flashlight in his right hand. What’s in his left hand?

14 Illustrations Henry is shown scratching his head and staring at the floor in his bedroom. What is he looking at?

15 Illustrations What did the sign read that caught Henry’s eye at the pet store? SPECIAL OFFER 1 pair of guppies Fishbowl 1 snail aquatic plant package of fish food ALL FOR 79

16 Illustrations Describe the illustration showing Ribsy and Henry on the bus. Ribsy is running around with his leash dragging. The leash is wrapped around a guy’s leg. Henry is kneeling on his seat with his hands covering his mouth. Apples are on the floor and one person is slipping on one. Another passenger is lying on his back with his feet up in the air.

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