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Nuclear energy is used to produce electricity and for the army with the atomic bomb.

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4 Nuclear energy is used to produce electricity and for the army with the atomic bomb.

5 The history of Hiroshima The history of Chernobyl in 1986

6 2) This energy in the world What is the place of this energy in the world? When was it first produced? Nuclear energy in France

7 L’Argentine es un pa In two thousand and nine, nuclear energy produced fourteen percent of the electricity and there were four hundred and forty-two nuclear reactors around the world to produce electricity and seven hundred and sixty in all. Thirty one countries use this energy. Today there are sixty- five reactors built around the world. The USA is the first producer of electricity using nuclear energy with seven hundred and ninety eight point seven (TWh) and there are seventy nuclear plants and one hundred and four reactors

8 Nuclear reactor Cooler seas rivers condenser vat Steam generator Control bars generator Pressurize

9 The cooling system A cooling system removes heat from the reactor core and transports it to another area of the plant, where the thermal energy can be harnessed to produce electricity or to do other useful work. Typically the hot coolant will be used as a heat source for the boiler, and the pressurized steam from that boiler will power one or more steam turbine driven electrical generators


11 We don’t yet know how can we recycle nuclear waste, and researchers begin to make assumptions that may increasingly be carried out, but they are finding solutions that are not good for the environment and for future generations. A solution is to bury the uranium hundreds of meters under ground. And nuclear waste takes hundreds of thousands of years to be destroyed. About four thousand years from now the same ground will diffuse the radio active waste. It’s the rays of uranium which are dangerous. The nuclear reactor generally lasts 40 years on average, the cost of building it is expensive and it’s highly polluting. And a human error can occur and cause enormous disasters.


13 Pools such as the one in the photo are used to avoid the waves of uranium (the radio- activity) from spreading. They stock the uranium in bars.

14 A lot of people are opposed to nuclear energy because it is very dangerous, we don’t know what happens in nuclear power plants. These people don’t want nuclear waste to be stocked on the surface of our planet and because the army uses it for war.

15 4) How is nuclear energy produced? Nuclear energy is produced by the breaking up of uranium atoms causing a reaction between the neutrons and the protons to appear. One gram of uranium produces as much electricity as one ton of coal.


17 Adrien Pellon Florian Videlo

18 Have a wonderful day!

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