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ROYAL SEED NEEDY HOME Ofaakor, Ghana Western Africa.

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1 ROYAL SEED NEEDY HOME Ofaakor, Ghana Western Africa

2 Children are the beginning of everyone’s story. I just want to give these kids a chance to live out their own.

3 Ghana lies next to the Atlantic Ocean in Western Africa. Royal Seed is in rural Ghana outside of Greater Accra, the capital.

4 Although most Ghanaians speak in native languages, such as Twi, English is the national language. The children at the orphanage all knew conversational English and were able to communicate effectively with the volunteers.

5 Seventy children live in Royal Seed. Thirty girls and forty boys ranging from two to fourteen years old. They are each other’s mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, and most of all best friends. This is Happy, 12 years old, holding Esi, 2 years old. This photograph was taken by Ernest Royal, 9 years old.

6 The kids wake up at 4:30am in order to complete all of their chores. First order of business is bathing: the older kids bathe the younger kids, as well as brush their teeth and cut their nails. Ester bathing Matthew, 3 years old

7 After cleaning themselves, they clean their quarters. Even though all they have is dirt, they make sure it’s the cleanest dirt in Ghana. They also fetch water from a well for bathing and washing clothes. The water is spotted with insects and sewage. Derek, 8 years old

8 Kobla is 12 years old—kids in America would be in middle school. The other volunteer and I had only brought a few books because we didn’t know they had never held a book before. I asked him to read to me, and he looked at me, smiled and said ‘ I never learned how. Teach me.’ Kobla, 12 years old

9 School begins at 9:00am sharp. They have a short assembly before school in which they pray and sing the national anthem. They all wear uniforms, and although they are tattered and often too small for them, the kids clean and iron everything themselves. Daily school assembly

10 Here is a look at their classrooms. Expectedly, they have no essential school supplies, such as chalk or paper. They sleep in their classrooms which lack proper roofing. Many nights, they wake up drenched because when it rains, the roof leaks. Classroom, picture taken by Emmanuel, 12 years old Joyce, 8 years old, taking a nap in the classroom

11 I was reading a children’s book with Derek Otabel, 8 years old, and there was a picture of school children eating bread. He stopped reading, closed his eyes, and pretended like he was eating the pictures. It broke my heart.

12 Royal Seed runs out of food on a daily basis. Their diet consists of corn, rice, and sometimes beans. The children do not receive substantial meals to sustain themselves. Because of this, many of the kids are malnourished with very weak immune systems. Mashed corn and watered down, red oil stew

13 They are always hungry and growing—but it wouldn’t take much to make sure the kids don’t go without a meal for a year: Three balanced meals a day from the five food groups would cost around $28.00 a month per child. This is equivalent to six Starbucks lattes

14 Another big problem they face is unsanitary water. They have polytank water to drink but it runs out every three weeks. When it does, and if they don’t have enough money to refill it, the kids will begin drinking from the well. The water is a source of bacteria and disease causing microorganisms. They shouldn’t be using this water to bathe with either, but it’s more urgent to make sure they don’t have to drink it.

15 I was amazed by how hard these kids work. Happy and Emma, the two oldest girls, cooked, cleaned, washed the clothes, swept the floors, made the beds, and went to school. They are twelve.

16 Here are some ways you can help: $28.00 a month for one child to eat healthy meals $68.00 every three weeks to fill their polytanks with clean drinking water $6.00 a week to make sure they have first aid, toothpaste, and toothbrushes

17 Contact Information: Naomi Amenya – Mother of the Orphanage Royal Seed Needy Home P.O. Box SM 32 Agona Swedru Ghana Phone: (233)24-6335618 or (233)27-5775838

18 If you or anyone you know would be able to donate bulk items, such as toothpaste, first aid, or any type of food to the orphanage, please don’t hesitate to contact me for more information on how to donate. Soma Ghoshal 281-217-3218

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