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National Trail Local Schools Parent eDay Orientation Brian Pool.

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1 National Trail Local Schools Parent eDay Orientation Brian Pool

2 What are eDays? An eDay (or Electronic Day) is a way for Ohio Schools to complete calamity days 6-8 through online lessons. It is done on the day that would have been a calamity day. The intent is to provide quality, relevant instruction through electronic means. This will allow schools to avoid having makeup days after OAA and OGT dates. These days should be more effective than any days made-up in May/June. The goal is to duplicate the learning that occurs in a normal day, not the time.

3 What day is it? One Call Now will notify eDay is in effect 3 missed days of school. NTHS – Brown, Orange, Brown NTMS – Brown, Orange, Blazer NTES – Appropriate specials/classes rotate GradeeDay 1eDay 2eDay 3 KMusicPEArt 1 MusicPE 2 ArtMusic 3 PEArt 4 MusicPE

4 ORC As soon as practicable after a school closure, a district or school employee responsible for web portal or web site operations shall make the designated lessons available to students on the district's, community school's, or nonpublic school's portal or site. A lesson shall be posted for each course that was scheduled to meet on the day or hours of the closure.

5 NTLS No later than 9am all teachers will have eDay lessons visible on their Moodle page. Teachers may open them earlier if school closure is called the night before. Teachers will be available throughout the day for questions. The way a teacher will be available is listed on their lesson.

6 ORC Each student enrolled in a course for which a lesson is posted on the portal or site shall be granted a two-week period from the date of posting to complete the lesson. The student's classroom teacher shall grade the lesson in the same manner as other lessons. The student may receive an incomplete or failing grade if the lesson is not completed on time.

7 ORC If a student does not have access to a computer at the student's residence ~ the student shall be permitted to work on the posted lessons at school after the student's school reopens. If the lessons were posted prior to the reopening, the student shall be granted a two-week period from the date of the reopening, rather than from the date of posting as otherwise required under division (A)(3)(d) of this section, to complete the lessons.

8 NTLS School buildings will be open unless Level 3 Intervention time can be used for eDay makeup. Computer specials time or recess for K-4 Grade Students Computer labs will be opened for students needing to complete eDay Lessons for additional hours following each eDay. Tuesday 2:45-5:00 Wednesday 2:45-5:00 Thursday 2:45-5:00

9 ORC Any student who fails to complete an online assignment should be counted as absent for the calamity day. If a student receives an incomplete and the assignment is subsequently made up under locally adopted policy, the student would be considered in attendance.

10 NTLS Five days upon return to school from the eDay Parents will receive a One Call informing them the requirement to complete eDay assignments and the assignment of a failing grade should the lesson not be completed within the fourteen days. Fourteen days upon return to school Lessons are either to be completed or students will receive a failing grade for the lesson. Parents of students with incomplete eDay lessons in grades K-12 will receive a notification of the failing lesson grade. Failure to complete eDay lessons for students in grades 9- 12 prohibits them from waiving semester exams. Teachers will provide the office with a list of all students that did not complete the eDay for unexcused absence.

11 Student Training By December 1 st all teachers will have accomplished a “practice” eDay lesson with all classes. This is a mini-lesson to show students where they will be posted and how they will be accomplished. K-4 Done in specials rotation. 5-12 done in class using Lab/Cart Should compliment current class material.

12 How can content be delivered? This can be delivered through recorded lessons (smart video recording) web links to reading audio files Youtube Videos online games anything that students can connect to online to learn (or review) information from the given content area.

13 Basic LessonIntermediate LessonAdvanced Lesson Text-based with limited pictures or graphics. Direct links to Internet sites are provided for students to complete the tasks. Includes text and/or graphics, links to sites, and media (such as video, audio or interactive multimedia) that students must engage in to complete the tasks. Includes text and/or graphics, links to sites, and media (such as video, audio or interactive multimedia) as well as teacher downloaded or teacher created video or audio files. eDay Lesson Types ©2010 Darke County ESC – Dave Shellhaas

14 Assessments Requirements An assessment to ensure that your students completed the eDay assignment. Assessments may be… Worksheets Papers Projects Quizzes Anything you can grade Parental Signed forms (for lower ES grades)

15 eDay Lesson Rubric Component of eDay Lesson Level 1Level 2Level 3Level 4 Student TasksStudents explore the links provided and find information to complete teacher created questions, worksheet or task that are recall or low level. Students engage in an interactive, multimedia exercise, online to explore the content of the lesson and answer questions based on the content. Students engage in multimedia content and complete teacher created questions or tasks that require students to synthesize the information they gained while exploring the web content and not just recall information. Students engage in multimedia content and complete a synthesis project that requires students to create something using the content explored online. Student ProductStudent completes questions or tasks on an document provided by the teacher Student creates their own document that contains their answers or information synthesized during the lesson. Students use a combination of creating their own document to answer questions AND saved screen shots that document they completed the assigned online tasks. Students create a unique product such as a web page, powerpoint, podcast, video or other appropriate product that demonstrates they addressed the assigned online tasks. ©2010 Darke County ESC – Dave Shellhaas

16 NTLS Implementation NTHS/NTMS Standardized location of lessons In top block of existing Moodle courses NTES Special eDay classes already setup

17 Questions??

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