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THE PROGRESSIVE ERA WORLD WAR I. THE PROGRESSIVE MOVEMENT (1900-1920) GOALS ROOTS OF PROGRESSIVES were from the Social Gospel Movement Sought to correct.

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2 THE PROGRESSIVE MOVEMENT (1900-1920) GOALS ROOTS OF PROGRESSIVES were from the Social Gospel Movement Sought to correct political and economic injustices from industrialization -Headed and led by Protestant clergymen -Called on Christians to rise to challenge of helping fellow man IMPACT OF PROGRESSIVES: Social Reforms -Brought many social reforms to society -Jane Addams:leader in settlement house movement (HULL HOUSE)

3 PROGRESSIVE LEADERS W.E.B. DUBOIS IDA B. WELLS -African-American leader who worked to end lynching -African-American leader who helped found the NAACP

4 MORE PROGRESSIVE LEADERS FRANK NORRIS UPTON SINCLAIR -THE JUNGLE revealed many abuses of the meat-packing industry -THE OCTOPUS depicted the stranglehold railroads had on farmers. MUCKRAKERS were a group of investigative reporters, writers, and social scientists working to expose the abuses of industrial society and the corruption at all levels of government. JACOB RIIS -HOW THE OTHER HALF LIVES. His photographs showed poverty in urban areas.

5 THEODORE ROOSEVELT: SQUARE DEAL HELPED BREAK UP “BAD TRUSTS” PASSED LAWS TO PROTECT CONSUMER HEALTH -Meat Inspection Act (1906) -Pure Food and Drug Act (1906) INCREASED POWER OF INTERSTATE COMMERCE COMMISSION -Helped regulate certain industries -Withheld federal lands from public sale CONSERVATION OF NATION’S NATURAL RESOURCES -Attention to conserving forests, parks and wildlife

6 WOODROW WILSON: NEW FREEDOM NATIONAL PARK SERVICE: -Protected public parks and monuments SIXTEENTH AMENDMENT -Gave Congress the power to tax personal income FEDERAL RESERVE ACT -Created to regulate the amount of money in circulation The NEW FREEDOM program sought to control business practices, promote greater competition and lower tariff rates. ANTI-TRUST LEGISLATION: CLAYTON ANTITRUST ACT -Increased the federal government’s power to prevent unfair business practices

7 WOMEN’S RIGHTS MOVEMENT TRADITIONAL ROLE OF WOMEN SENECA FALLS CONVENTION (1848) -Birth of Women’s Rights Movement SUSAN B. ANTHONY (WOMEN’S SUFFRAGE) -Voted in 1872 election, but was arrested -Supreme Court (1874) ruled citizenship does not include the “privilege of voting.” -After WWI, amendment stated that no state could deny a citizen the vote on the basis of sex NINETEENTH AMENDMENT (1920) -Women were treated as subservient -Patriarchal society: men were treated as “superior”

8 LITERATURE AND ART IN AMERICA REALISM LITERATURE -HORATIO ALGER (rags to riches stories) -MARK TWAIN (adventure stories) -HENRY JAMES (The Portrait of a Lady) -JACK LONDON (The Call of the Wild) -KATE CHOPIN (The Awakening) -JAMES MCNEIL WHISTLER (Whistler’s Mother) -THOMAS EAKINS (The Gross Clinic) -HENRY OSSAWA TANNER (painted everyday life) -WINSLOW HOMER (painted sea, boats, coasts) ART -Art and literature was based on realism—depicting things as they really are

9 SPANISH-AMERICAN WAR CAUSES RESULTS -U.S. gets Philippines, Puerto Rico, Guam -Cuba became a virtual U.S. protectorate -Ended Spanish colonial empire in Americas -The U.S. emerges as a world power WHY THIS WAR IS CONSIDERED A TURNING POINT -Humanitarian concerns -Yellow Journalism -Protect U.S. economic interests in Cuba -De Lome Letter called McKinley “weak” -Sinking of the U.S. S. Maine IN THE PACIFIC -PHILIPPINES. (rebels resist U.S. rule) -Hawaii (after Queen overthrown, Sanford Dole leads the provisional government, serves as Hawaii’s President, served as Governor when Hawaii became a state)

10 U.S. COLONIAL EMPIRE REASONS FOR COLONIAL EXPANSION ALFRED THAYER MAHAN -Wrote The Influence of Sea Power upon History -Argued for making U.S. into a world power -Said needed a strong navy, merchant marine to protect colonial interests -need for raw materials and markets -Colonies would help U.S. naval strength -NATIONALISM: would show other nations how strong U.S. had become -Missionaries sought to spread Christianity

11 WORLD WAR I CAUSES STARTED BY: -Assassination of ARCHDUKE FRANZ FERDINAND -Closer ties to Britain and France -German actions and propaganda -ZIMMERMAN TELEGRAM -Violations of Freedom of Seas -Sinking of the Lusitania/Sussex Pledge -Use of UNRESTRICTED SUBMARINE WARFARE REASONS FOR U.S. INTERVENTION -NATIONALISM, IMPERIALISM, ALLIANCES (ISM), MILITARISM

12 WORLD WAR I HIGHLIGHTS NEW WEAPONS AND TACTICS SELECTIVE SERVICE ACT: -Allowed government to draft men to serve in war -U.S. troops sent to Europe to defeat Germany AMERICAN EXPEDITIONARY FORCE (led by General Pershing) -submarines-early tanks -machine guns-poison gas -airplanes-trench warfare BATTLE OF ARGONNE FOREST -Major battle of WWI. Germany defeated -ALVIN YORK awarded the Medal of Honor

13 WORLD WAR I RESULTS WILSON’S FOURTEEN POINTS VERSAILLES AND OTHER TREATIES Ended World War I. Dealt harshly with Germany -Germany lost its colonies -Austria-Hungary and Ottoman Turkey were broken up into separate nation-states -League of Nations created Proposed by President Wilson as basis for peace treaty -Created new nation-states: POLAND -Break up Austria-Hungary -Freedom of the Seas -No secret treaties, open diplomacy -LEAGUE OF NATIONS

14 IMPORTANT INDIVIDUALS JOHN J. PERSHING -Commanded the American Expeditionary Force in WWI ARCHDUKE FRANZ FERDINAND -His assassination sparked the start of WWI ALVIN YORK -WWI soldier who won Congressional Medal of Honor for valor WOODROW WILSON -U.S. President during WWI. Issued Fourteen Points. Strongly supported participation in League of Nations HENRY CABOT LODGE -U.S. Senator who led the fight against joining the League of Nations

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