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The Venture Program BSC-401 Cooper Wright Crew 1519 - Colonial District

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1 The Venture Program BSC-401 Cooper Wright Crew 1519 - Colonial District

2 What Is the Venture Program? Optional part of your troop program Geared for scouts 13 years and older No rank requirement, but probably should be First Class Offers new adventure, challenges and excitement

3 Why Is the Venture Program Needed? 39 Percent of scouts are 13 or older Older scouts have different needs –Bored easily –Expanded social world –Looking for physical challenges Present program provides leadership and training, but no organized activity for older scouts Unlike Varsity and Venturing, the Venture patrol is a functioning part of your troop

4 Venture Scout Program Based on high adventure or sports activities Consists of a series of training sessions the lead to an “ultimate activity”

5 Venture Scout Program Fourteen Venture program pamphlets currently available –BackpackingFrontiersman –Canoe CampingMechanics –CavingOrienteering –CyclingRock Climbing & Rappelling –Discover AdventureSnow Camping –FishingWhitewater –Freestyle BikingWilderness Survival

6 Additional Venture Scout Program Resources Twelve Varsity pamphlets currently available –BasketballSoftball –BowlingSwimming –Roller HockeyTennis –Shooting SportsTriathlon –Cross Country SkiingVolleyball –SoccerWaterskiing

7 Additional Venture Scout Program Resources Woods Wisdom contains 36 monthly activities that include Venture program ideas

8 Additional Venture Scout Program Resources Seven Outdoor Skills Instruction manuals provide information in the following areas: –AquaticsCamping –BackpackingCooking –SurvivalTeam Building –Rappelling/Rock Climbing Passport to High Adventure is an excellent resource for planing Venture patrol “ultimate adventures”

9 Venture Patrol Selects program areas of interest Run by the Venture patrol leader (member of the PLC) Advised by an Assistant Scoutmaster- Venture Determines resources needed and recruits outside consultants

10 Assistant Scoutmaster-Venture Responsible to the scoutmaster for Venture patrol Advises the Venture patrol leader Assists the patrol in obtaining needed resources and outside consultants

11 Assistant Scoutmaster-Venture Holds advancement conferences with Venture patrol members Makes sure Venture patrol members fulfill their troop responsibilities Meets with new Venture patrol members and their parents

12 Relationship to Regular Troop Program Venture patrol can be a full-time, part-time or one-time activity Venture patrol programs can blend with the existing troop program Although the Venture program is designed to keep older scout in the troop, it can provide, it can provide the spark for younger scouts

13 Activity Recognition Venture scouts can wear the Venture strip over their right pocket Letter “V” can be worn on red jacket or the bottom of the merit badge sash Special activity pins can be awarded at the completion of a Venture activity cycle

14 Problems and Solutions Problem –No expertise in high adventure skills Solution –Troop dads with special skills –Outside consultants –Two troop patrols Problem –Competition with troop program Solution –Joint programs

15 Problems and Solutions Problem –Older scouts pulled from patrols Solution –Run part-time activities, where older scouts remain in existing patrols Problem –Shift from basic scout skills and advancement to high adventure Solution –Strong Assistant Scoutmaster-Venture –Venture activities tied to merit badges

16 How Can I Get a Venture Scout Program Started in My Troop? Sell the troop committee on the program Appoint a strong assistant scoutmaster as the patrol advisor and a strong scout as the patrol leader Begin Venture activities with basic high adventure skill and build from there Get Venture activities on the troop calendar Plan an “ultimate adventure” for each summer

17 How Can Our District Help the Venture Program? Establishing a Venture scout coordinator at the district level Conducting separate Venture roundtable programs Providing experienced Venture leaders for the district’s training team Running an annual Venture “Show and Do”

18 How Can Our District Help the Venture Program? Including Venture activities in district camporees Supporting new Venture initiatives like Venture Leader Training and the Venture Hike-o-ree During special events like the Great Scout Show, demonstrate different Venture skills

19 How Can Our District Help the Venture Program? Maintain a list of high adventure consultants willing to assist troops in their Venture programs Develop a book of suggested local Venture program activities that have worked for district troops

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