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CQG as the Solution for the European Energy Exchange Products.

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1 CQG as the Solution for the European Energy Exchange Products

2 Introduction Energy futures market data Quotes Charting and analytics Order routing for electronically-traded futures Trading model evaluation modules Alerts based on market conditions Dow Jones News CQG’s open API CQG’s 24-hour support service CQG offers European Energy Exchange traders an integrated solution in one system: The combination of these features makes the CQG platform a single turnkey system for the energy trader.

3 CQG Turnkey System CQG’s versatile components can be tailored to meet traders’ needs for instant access to information. Here, the CQG MarketWatch quote format displays energy futures, spreads, strips, and crack spreads. The CQG Order Ticket provides direct order routing for futures contracts. There are fourteen chart styles available and over ninety standard and custom studies. For up-to-the-moment information driving the energy markets, CQG provides CQG News, which scrolls Dow Jones Newswire headlines with the most current displayed with the largest font. Key Benefit: Analyze and trade more efficiently with charts, news, and order routing all in one screen.

4 ICE Traded Products CQG’s Quote SpreadSheet is displaying ICE product market data. The CQG DOMTrader is used to route orders to the exchange from CQG. This order routing interface includes a depth-of-market view and can link directly to CQG’s TradeFlow chart, sharing the same scales. The CQG News uses an innovative scrolling headline scale to alert the trader to the latest headlines. Use sophisticated searches to find stories driving the markets. Key Benefit: Make better decisions by seeing where other traders are buying and selling.

5 Seven Styles of Quote Displays The Quote SpreadSheet (QSS) displays EEX energy products. Each line is a futures contract. Set up columns of market information for comparing issues at a glance. Over 200 market data elements are available for the trader in the QSS. Order routing is available through the QSS. The Custom QuoteBoard is a fully-customizable quote display presenting pertinent market data as well as study values. Key Benefit: Set up quote displays using your preferences for easy market analysis. EEX Products Column Key Symbol: Futures symbols Description: Contract title LTP: Last trade or settlement NLQT: Net last quote today Open: Open High: High Low: Low VLB: Volume last bid Bid: Current best Bid Ask: Current best ask VLA: Volume last ask Buy: Buy @ market Sell: Sell @ market WKGB: Working Bid order WKGS: Working sell order Pos: Current position OTE+P/L: Current open profit and closed P/L.

6 Quote Pages continued Enhanced Quote SpreadSheet. Every cell is customizable. Over 200 market data elements are available for display. The Quote Board displays the classic open-high-low and last price with CQG’s thermometer, which shows the current price relative to the open, high, and low. The Last/Net Change details a list of contracts with the last price and change. Key Benefit: Use a standard quote display or a customizable one for quick market analysis.

7 Quote Pages continued You can create market groups by asset class with CQG’s Market Watch. Market Watch uses the thermometer to show the current price relative to the open, high, and low. The All Contracts window displays a list detailing each issue’s open-high-low-last, net change, and previous day’s settlement. Key Benefit: The thermometer gauges the current price to the high-low for the session, making it easy to see which assets are near their highs and near their lows.

8 CQG’s Fourteen Charts Types As with many of CQG’s features, all of the attributes of the OHLC bar charts can be modified. The open menus’ titles refer to which chart element is to be modified and lists manageable features. The bars and studies that meet a “condition” can be marked or colored. Here, the top and bottom of the bars of the daily bar chart of EEX-2 nd Period European Carbon contract for December 2008 delivery are marked whenever the market closes outside of the Bollinger Bands. Key Benefit: Traders can set up their charts with the look they want by right-clicking on elements of the chart to modify.

9 Bar, Candlestick, Point & Figure, & Percent Change Charts The 2 nd Period European Carbon contract is displayed in four charting styles with studies. The top left chart is the classic OHLC bar chart and the Stochastics study. The top right chart is the candlestick chart with the CCI study. The chart on the bottom left is the point & figure chart. The trader can modify the box size, reversal count, and colors. The chart on the bottom right is a percent change chart set to show the percent change from the start of the year. Key Benefit: Classic charting styles are available for analysis.

10 Key Benefit: Track intraday levels for better entry and exit price points Intraday Chart Types CQG offers a number of intraday chart types for tracking the markets. With CQG, any intraday time frame can be selected for building charts. Intraday chart types include: TradeFlow Tick No Gap Fill Gap Equalize Sessions Market Profile Constant Volume The Constant Volume chart plots bars based on volume not time. The example displayed here plots a bar for every twenty contracts traded.

11 Analog or Overlay Charts Multiple markets can be overlaid on the same chart. The blue daily bars are crude oil traded on the Globex Exchange. The light blue line is a close-only chart of the heating oil contract traded on the Globex exchange. The green line is a close only chart of the RBOB Gasoline traded on the Globex exchange. In addition, the relative strength study (RSI) is applied to each market and color-coded to match the coloring of the prices. Key Benefit: Use the overlay chart of different markets to find opportunities based on relative strength.

12 CQG Studies and Analytics CQG comes with over 90 studies available for technical analysis. All studies can be modified to suit the trader’s interest. Here, a one-minute chart of crude, heating oil, and gasoline with studies are presented. Studies can be modified by right- clicking on the study. Plot studies in individual panes or on the price bars. Key Benefit: Set up your pages with your favorite studies to better analyze the markets.

13 Studies and Custom Studies Studies can be added to the toolbar by clicking on the Study button. Studies can be modified from this menu for application to any chart. CQG offers easy-to-use formula editors to design custom studies, conditions, quote formulas (called Q-formulas), user values, and trading systems. Learning a programming language is not required. All bar values, study values, custom study values, functions, conditions, user values, and trading systems are easy-to-access components of a custom study. Key Benefit: All of the popular studies are available as well as customizable studies, making analysis a straightforward process.

14 Order Routing Through CQG Route orders to the EEX from CQG. CQG offers a depth-of-market view for electronically-traded products. Orders on the DOMTrader can be placed by clicking on the price or by dragging and dropping. Route orders from the Quote Spreadsheet. The SnapTrader is a versatile, movable order entry interface for placing market, stop, and limit orders. Six order management panes are available on the Order Ticket for managing orders and positions. Key Benefit: Trade right from CQG. An extra interface is not needed, making trading and analysis a one-step process.

15 Other CQG Features Automated trading using signals based upon: Price alerts Study alerts Condition alerts Price line (trend line) crossing Sophisticated options analytics and order routing: Options Calculator Options Graphs Options Window Strategy Analysis Volatility Workshop Backtesting, signal optimization, and evaluation Access to Dow Jones News, Market News, AFX News, and Hightower Report CQG Open API CQG 24-hour support

16 CQG, Inc. CQG, Inc. is the industry’s highest-performing solution to integrate market data, technical analysis, and trade routing. CQG’s data coverage includes futures, options, fixed income, foreign exchange, and equities exchanges worldwide as well as debt securities, reports, and indices. Founded in 1980, CQG is headquartered in Denver with sales and support offices worldwide. For more information, visit Customer Support: US 1 800-525-7082 UK +44 (0) 20-7827-9500 Australia +61 (0) 2-9235-2009 France +33 (0) 1-74-18-07-81 Germany +49 (0) 69-6677-7558-0 Japan +81 (0) 3-3286-6633 Russia +7 495-795-2410 Singapore +65 6720-3165

17 Disclaimer Trading and investment carry a high level of risk, and CQG, Inc. does not make any recommendations for buying or selling any financial instruments. We offer educational information on ways to use our sophisticated CQG trading tools, but it is up to our customers and other readers to make their own trading and investment decisions or to consult with a registered investment advisor. © 2009 CQG, Inc. All rights reserved worldwide. CQG, DOMTrader, SnapTrader, TFOBV, TFOBVO, and TFVOL are registered trademarks of CQG, Inc.

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