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12 Hour Shift Proposal MWAA Police IAD Station.

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1 12 Hour Shift Proposal MWAA Police IAD Station

2 We propose that Police Officers assigned to the Dulles Station test the 12 hour shift program beginning in the first quarter of 2008.

3 Rationale Dulles Airport currently has the staffing to manage a 12 hour schedule. An approval in the near future would give all personnel ample notice to prepare for the change. Officers at Dulles not wishing to participate could submit a letter requesting a transfer to National. Officers at National that wish to participate could request a transfer to Dulles. All transfers would be in compliance with the Union contract. During the pilot period the program will be evaluated to determine its benefit to the Department and personnel. If the Department elects to convert to the 12 hour shifts, National Station could switch at the conclusion of the trial period.

4 Days Off for the 14 Day Pay Period
12 HOUR SHIFT PROPOSAL Days Off for the 14 Day Pay Period Team 1 S M T W F Week 1 8 HR  OFF  12 HR 12 HR   OFF Week 2 OFF   Team 2 S M T W F Week 1 OFF 12 HR   12 HR Week 2 8 HR   OFF Six 12 hour days and one 8 hour day equals 80 hours a pay period. Work Off




8 DULLES The current authorized staffing for officers and corporals at Dulles is fifty-eight (58). The proposed 12 hour shift schedule would require fifty-six (56) officers. The 12 hour shift proposal would eliminate the multiple roll calls and provide for transition of officers by adding 2 hours of built-in overtime for day and evening squads. Officers would work six 12 hour and 17 minute days and one 8 hour and 17 minute day per pay period (Totaling 82 hours). The power shift would work 80 hours. Minimum staffing would remain at thirteen (13) from 0700 – 2300 and six (6) from The additional beats scheduled from would allow for flexibility for special enforcement projects. Squad “A” 0543 – 1800 (82 hours) Squad “B” 0543 – 1800 (82 hours) One (1) Lieutenant One (1) Lieutenant One (1) Sergeant** One (1) Sergeant** Fourteen (14) Officers Fourteen(14) Officers Squad “C” 1000 – 2200 (80 hours) Squad “D” 1000 – 2200 (80 hours) One (1) Sergeant One (1) Sergeant Four (4) Officers Four (4) Officers Squad “E” (82 hours) Squad “F” (82 hours) One (1) Lieutenant One (1) Lieutenant One (1) Sergeants One (1) Sergeants Ten (10) Officers Ten (10) Officers

9 TRAINING Officers attending a 1 day training class, such as firearms qualification, would be required to take that as their 8 hour work day for that pay period or work the additional 4 hours on shift. Officers attending a one week “40 hour” training class would have their time adjusted in the other week of the pay period to give them 80 hours. Supervisors will have some flexibility to work with the officers in scheduling as long as it does not adversely impact the needs of the squad.

10 Officer works a 16 hour shift in non-training week.
12 HOUR SHIFT PROPOSAL Training Schedule Day S M T W F Week 1 OFF 8 HR   8 HR Week 2 OFF   12 HR Officer requests two 8 hour days in non-training week Day S M T W F Week 1 16 HR OFF 12 HR OFF  Week 2 8 HR   8 HR Officer works a 16 hour shift in non-training week.

11 Benefits for Officers 3 or 4 days off every week (Currently 2 days)
7 day vacation = 20 or 24 hours A/L, 8 day vacation = 32 or 36 hours A/L Three consecutive work days at most (Currently 5) Work 7 days in a 14 day cycle (Currently 10 days) Three less work days a pay period to commute – 78 less work days a year Increased team building. Every officer enjoys a 3-day weekend every pay period.

12 Benefits for Department
Increased staffing during later hours - With increases in delayed/canceled flights, the airports are staying busier later. The results are large crowds in the terminals and piers and more traffic on the ramps. Extra officers would be deployed to problem areas. Officer retention may be improved as every officer will have every other weekend off. When at full strength, the day squads could staff an extra beat.

13 Benefits for the Department
More officers possibly interested in advancement by eliminating “bad” days off for junior supervisors. Better accountability and improved PMP evaluations. All officers on a squad would start at the same time and there would only be one roll call for each shift. There are currently 2 or 3 for each shift at Dulles.

14 Scheduling Officers would be able to bid by seniority for an 8 hour work day during the pay period. Having officers on the shift would enable the department to schedule special details, such as plainclothes, RAMS, backtracking, solicitation. This would add flexibility for the officers and the squads.

15 Issues Court time – Work hours may need to be adjusted to give officers sufficient time off before reporting back to work. Schedule court dates going into the officer’s day off to avoid the short turn around. Training – Adjust hours in non-training week when possible. Shift Bids – 2 per year (December & June) Working time – Maximum 16 hours per day. Court would have to be an exception. Ceridian – Will work with 12 hours Holidays – 12 holiday pay when scheduled to work 12 hours. Childcare/Eldercare – Officers will need time to make arrangements. It can be and is being done by many other departments. Longer days (Fatigue and complaints) – Shift studies by the IACP conclude that shift lengths do not cause fatigue and those officers working “12 hour shifts for fewer days repeatedly emphasized that such shifts were less fatiguing”. Fatigue is caused by consecutive work days, sleep disorders and rotating shifts.

16 Issues Annual Leave/Sick Leave earned would remain same.
Leave usage – Management would still maintain the right to limit the number of officers granted leave on a squad. Overtime – With the squads starting out at minimum staffing, any officer on leave, training, etc. would have to be replaced. This is regularly the case now with 8 hours shifts. An analysis would be required after some time period to determine the increase or decrease. Commuting hours – Officers are worried that they will spend a greater amount of time traveling to and from work because of the work hours.

17 8 HOUR DAY SCHEDULING For the shift two officers would be scheduled to leave early (1400 hours). For the shift one officer would come in late (1400 hours). For the shift officers would be scheduled to leave early (0200 hours). This scheduling would be done to maintain staffing levels. Officers would receive their choice of 8 hour day based on availability and seniority.

18 Program Evaluation Officer/Department satisfaction
The Department would conduct an evaluation at the six month mark and again at the nine month mark to determine the success of the 12 hour shifts. If the evaluation is favorable the entire Department could be switched over after the trial period. This would allow those officers still on 8 hours shifts adequate time to prepare. The areas of evaluation would include: Officer/Department satisfaction Use of sick leave and leave without pay Overtime decrease/increase Personnel complaints Administrative issues – scheduling, training, court, etc.

19 Frequently asked questions
How will disciplinary action be factored under the 12 hour program? Any disciplinary action would be based on an 8 hour day as it is done now. Has a 4/10 program been considered? It was considered but such a program requires a number of extra officer positions that we do not currently have.

20 Frequently asked questions
What other police department currently have a 12 hour program? BWI Airport, Manassas City, Loudoun County, and Fairfax County are a few that have similar schedules. When will a decision be made as to whether the pilot was a success? The Department would like to have the evaluation completed by September 2008.

21 Frequently asked questions
What other members of the Department might be considered for the pilot program? FLSA issues complicate involving TCOs and communications employees and are not under consideration at this time.

22 Frequently asked questions
Would the pilot program be open to officers at each airport? Would an officer assigned to Dulles that does not want to participate in the 12 hour pilot be forced to transfer to Reagan? We do not see any other option at this time.

23 Frequently asked questions
Have all contingencies been considered when planning for the 12 hour pilot? Despite our best efforts, all of the contingencies cannot be foreseen. The pilot will require great flexibility on the part of the Union and Police Department leadership to overcome the unpredicted issues that will arise.

24 Frequently asked questions
If an officer at Reagan wanted to participate in the 12 hour pilot would they be allowed to? Yes, only if a position at Dulles was available. Assignments to Dulles would be granted based on seniority.

25 12 Hour Shift Survey Name:______________ Station:_________
Are you in favor of the Police Department conducting a trial on the 12 hour shift proposal at Dulles Airport? Yes or No Would you be interested in participating in the trial program? Comments:______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Signature:______________ Date: __________ After completing the survey please return to the office of the Chief of Police, MA-310 by October 31, 2007

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