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Chapter 15 Lecture Two of Two ©2012 Pearson Education Inc.

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1 Chapter 15 Lecture Two of Two ©2012 Pearson Education Inc.

2 VARIOUS DEEDS ©2012 Pearson Education Inc.

3 Various Deeds Heracles wants to remarry Eurytus’s daughter Iolê was the prize of an archery contest Heracles wins, but Eurytus won’t give her up Iphitus, son of Eurytus and fan of Heracles, notices that some horses are missing after Heracles leaves ©2012 Pearson Education Inc.

4 Various Deeds Iphitus can’t believe Heracles would do this, so he visits Heracles in Tiryns Heracles kills Iphitus, thus violating xenia ©2012 Pearson Education Inc.

5 Fig. 15.8 Heracles must be purified, and goes to Delphi. Disgusted, Apollo at first refuses to give him advice. Heracles tries to steal the holy tripod. ©2012 Pearson Education Inc. Musée du Louvre, Paris; Réunion des Musées Nationaux/Art Resource, New York

6 Various Deeds Zeus urges an end. Apollo orders Heracles to serve a woman for three years. Omphalê buys him in a slave market, and the two spend their in odd sexual role reversals. ©2012 Pearson Education Inc.

7 Various Deeds Pan Why he wears no clothes Cecropes (Fig. 15. 9) “Black Buttocks” Troy After his release Killed Laomedon and all his sons, except Priam (a.k.a. Podarces) ©2012 Pearson Education Inc. Museo Archeologico Regionale, Palermo; University of Wisconsin–Madison Photo Archive

8 THE DEATH OF HERACLES ©2012 Pearson Education Inc.

9 The Death of Heracles Battles river god Acheloüs for Deinaira (Fig. 15.10). ©2012 Pearson Education Inc. British Museum, London; © Trustees of the British Museum / Art Resource, New York

10 Death of Heracles Bringing her back, he confront the centaur Nessus. (Fig. 15.11) Nessus slips Deinaira a “love” potion before he dies. They proceed to Trachis. Heracles returns to Eurytus to get Iolê. ©2012 Pearson Education Inc. National Archaeological Museum, Athens; Foto Marburg/Art Resource, New York

11 The Death of Heracles Deinaira hears of Iolê and remembers the potion... Despite his agony, no one will light his funeral pyre. Finally, a shepherd, Philoctetes does, and gets the bow and arrows in thanks. Heracles transported to Olympus, where he lives with the gods and his new bride, Hebê ©2012 Pearson Education Inc.

12 THE RETURN OF THE HERACLIDAE ©2012 Pearson Education Inc.

13 The Return of the Heraclidae Protected in Athens Hyllus kills and defiles Eurystheus Heraclidae (Heraclids) take the Peloponnese in the third generation The Dorian Invasion? ©2012 Pearson Education Inc.

14 OBSERVATIONS Heracles Kallinikos ©2012 Pearson Education Inc.

15 Heracles Kallinikos “Glory of Hera”? Where from? –Boeotia? the Argolid? Old fashioned, even in Homer A hero of excesses and danger ©2012 Pearson Education Inc.

16 Heracles Kallinikos Even shot Hera and Hades Prevails against death and is made immortal Heracles alexikakos Serves humanity by ridding the world of dangers ©2012 Pearson Education Inc.

17 Fig. 15.12 The Hercules of Farnese shows him exhausted from all his labors. He holds the apples of the Hesperides, the last of his labors, behind his back. ©2012 Pearson Education Inc. Museo Archeologico Nazionale, Naples; © Erich Lessing/Art Resource, New York

18 End ©2012 Pearson Education Inc.

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