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Natural bonds Associated bonds Constituted bonds.

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2 Natural bonds Associated bonds Constituted bonds


4 Consists of at least three people Interaction Has its own rules, values and simbolism Has its own aims Forms an unit and is separated from others

5 The social groups Types of their organisation s Formal Informal The character of memeberships OpenClosed The size SmallVast Kinds of bonds PrimarySecondary


7 POLYGAMY PolyandryPolyandry a woman having multiple husbands occurs very rarely in a few isolated tribal societies with limited resources. PolygynyPolygyny a man could have multiple wives; even in such societies however, most men have only one. Groups

8 The marriage’s obstacles  The age  Mental disability  Having a wife or a husband  Blood/family realiotnship

9 The marriage can be concluded before authorized religious celebrant or as a civil ceremony. Marriage contract parties wishing to have their religious marriage to be recognized by Polish law would have to file an appropriate affidavit before that ceremony. The spouses have equal rights and obligations in marriage. They are obliged to conjugal life, to mutual help and faithfulness and cooperation for the good of the family, which they created by their union (Art. 23). When marriage is contracted, the joint ownership is created between the spouses regarding their property (statutory joint property, Art. 31). When entering the marriage contract, both groom and bride may state their wish to take their spouses last name or to add that name to their own. The last name created in that way may have no more then two components. In lack of such statements, by default, both bride and groom keep their current names (Art. 25). Marriage cannot be contracted until 30 days after the date that the persons intending marriage have filed all documents and have given written assurances (Zapewnienie) that they do not know of any reasons why the marriage should not be contracted (Art. 3 & 4).

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