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Education in Vedic Age © Mithun Dhanrajellu, IISP.

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1 Education in Vedic Age © Mithun Dhanrajellu, IISP

2 Becoming Historians Read the stories from the Mahabharata about education in Vedic age. You will hunt for clues, on the education in Vedic age with help of the worksheet. © Mithun Dhanrajellu, IISP

3 Story 1 Upamanyu © Mithun Dhanrajellu, IISP

4 Once upon a time there was a boy called Upamanyu, When we was around 8 years, his parents performed the upanayana – wearing the thread ceremony. © Mithun Dhanrajellu, IISP

5 After the ceremony he went to live with his teacher Dhaumya in his Gurukul. © Mithun Dhanrajellu, IISP

6 He was a brilliant student, he learnt quickly. The subjects that were taught to him were Four Vedas Mathematics Mineralogy MedicineAstronomy Archery and other military sciences Biology Meditation, philosophy and esoteric subjects Grammar, logic © Mithun Dhanrajellu, IISP

7 Most scholars agree that the learning in the Vedic age was through oral transmission Follow the link to see how they learn NU-w&NR=1&feature=fvwp NU-w&NR=1&feature=fvwp © Mithun Dhanrajellu, IISP

8 His daily schedule included Bath and other oblations Exercise, Seeking alms from the nearby homes Tending the cattle and then studies Tending the fire altar © Mithun Dhanrajellu, IISP

9 All the students went begging for food everyday, and the teacher then collected it together and distirbuted them equally among the students. © Mithun Dhanrajellu, IISP

10 One day Upamanyu was sent to the King on behalf of the Gurukul, The king gave him some grains Upamanyu was very hungry, he ate a few of them but confessed it to his teacher © Mithun Dhanrajellu, IISP

11 Dhaumya was pleased that his student spoke the truth but to set an example for other students Upamanyu was denied any food the next day © Mithun Dhanrajellu, IISP

12 Upamanyu after his studies became a great teacher himself. He paid his fees- Gurudakshina by composing poems. a few hymns in the Rig Veda were composed by him © Mithun Dhanrajellu, IISP

13 Story 2 Drona © Mithun Dhanrajellu, IISP

14 There were two boys in Rishi Bharadwaja’s Gurukul. Both had come to spend around 12 years learning various subjects Drona was a son of a bramhin Drupada was a son of a king © Mithun Dhanrajellu, IISP

15 Like all other students they too wore the skin of antelope, the girdle of Kusa grass and collected fuel for worshipping the fire.

16 Their friendship became legendary © Mithun Dhanrajellu, IISP Both learnt archery together, they also tended the cattle and went seeking alms together

17 Drona grew up and became a teacher himself and started his own Gurukul. © Mithun Dhanrajellu, IISP

18 He taught the famous Hero - Arjuna

19 © Mithun Dhanrajellu, IISP As apart of his fees Drona asked Arjuna to win a battle for him.

20 Drona refused to teach Karna and Eklavya, they were sent off

21 Karna was denied admission because he was a charioteer’s son Eklavya was denied admission because he was a tribal or Nishad © Mithun Dhanrajellu, IISP

22 Story 3 Janaka © Mithun Dhanrajellu, IISP

23 One of the famous association or parishads for higher studies on Philosophy was organised by KingJanka This parishad was headed by Rishi Yajnavalkya, even women participated in it. This parishad involved discussions on the topics related to esoteric subjects © Mithun Dhanrajellu, IISP

24 Sources Picture sources Information sources: © Mithun Dhanrajellu, IISP

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