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Vaccination Clinics and Public Incentives to Attend John J. Burke Adjunct Professor / Fellow Boston University School of Medicine Consortium for Excellence.

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1 Vaccination Clinics and Public Incentives to Attend John J. Burke Adjunct Professor / Fellow Boston University School of Medicine Consortium for Excellence in Healthcare Emergency Management (CEHEM) May 26, 2010

2 Fire Insp. John J. Burke Employed by Sandwich Fire Department for 16 years, Advanced EMT and Nationally Certified Safety Officer. Adjunct Professor and Fellow at Boston University School of Medicine, Consortium for Excellence in Healthcare Emergency Management Type III Operations Section Chief for Barnstable County Incident Management Team Consulted on ICS and Pandemic Operations for IHS, CDC, DOD and USCG

3 Background Flu and other Vaccines are distributed yearly per local health departments. Great opportunity to practice Public Health Emergency Response Plans. H1N1 brought to light extended wait times to receive vaccine.

4 Background Some clinics overwhelmed with panic and distress for H1N1 vaccine. Extended wait times became a public safety issue for some jurisdictions. Multi-agency contingency planning to alleviate wait time stress.

5 Background Colville Indian Reservation is 1.4 million acres, located 100 miles West of Spokane, WA Tribal Nation known as the Confederated Tribes of Colville: Nespelem, WA is main town. Conducted Drive Thru Seasonal Flu Clinic in September 2010 using Sandwich, MA template


7 Operational Concerns All of the additional screenings put a stress on the operational plan. If people know they are getting their shot, more apt to have compliance in these areas. Involve those in public safety and military that have major incident planning experience.

8 Local Solutions Town of Sandwich (MA) added car seat checks for the pre and post shot areas. Colville Indian Reservation to potentially add a USPHS Veterinarian to the observation area as an incentive for 2010. Animal questions or concerns could be answered as part of observation area.

9 Local Health Partnerships Coordinate with local vision and hearing testing facilities to conduct vision and hearing screening. Coordinate with local “WIC” providers for information sharing. (Colville clinic had WIC on site) Coordinate with Social Family service organizations to provide information during the clinics.

10 Local Employer Agreements Reach out to Tribal Council and Chamber of Commerce to see if local employers to allow workers on duty to receive vaccine. Reduces potential lost work time and allows the system to be “stressed” which benefits clinic planners. Post shot area, workers can be questioned as to if they would have received shot if not working.

11 H1N1 Hygiene Brochures Pass out hand washing brochures, sanitizers while people are waiting. Information on social distancing, cough covering and recommended school absence policy.


13 Obesity Awareness Obesity awareness / screening can be done for either drive thru or walk in. Health Education Group can be formed under OPS with an Obesity Awareness Unit assigned. Unit can distribute educational material to those interested.

14 Diabetes Screening Diabetic screening station can be added after registration. Can be staffed by Fire- EMS personnel or RN students to gain experience in blood glucose screening. Those being screened can review paperwork on diabetes awareness

15 Blood Pressure Screening Can be added to pre and post vaccine stations. Use EMT / RN students with supervision from Public Health to practice BP skills. Dual benefit for trainers of health care workers to provide a real time environment to practice.

16 Car Seat Inspections Multi-Agency agreement with Public Safety car seat inspectors to hold installation and inspections stations as part of the clinic. Potential insurance benefit to have seat certified by technician. Can be done at the 15 minute post vaccine observation station, assigned to OPS as Pediatric Safety Inspection Unit.

17 Emergency Preparedness Partner with the American Red Cross on handing out Emergency Preparedness information. Partner with local law enforcement on “finger print” identification program in coordination with the Missing and Exploited children ID programs.

18 Animal Care Assign a local or USPHS Veterinarian to the clinic. DVM can answer animal impact questions regarding disease or general animal health issues. Can be stationed in the post vaccine observation area to ease the 15 minute holding time requirement

19 Multi-Agency Potential (Business) The local Chamber of Commerce along with the local business associations would have a seat at the table. Good cross over with the commerce departments providing for employee health and welfare.

20 Multi-Agency Potential (Local) The Public Safety and Public Works agencies would need to be involved. The local or county Public Health Department would be the Unified Incident Commander. The AHJ for the area would be in unified command or Finance Section

21 Multi-Agency (State) The State Police or Highway Patrol would need to be involved for traffic potential. The National Guard Units for the jurisdiction could play a role in support and vaccination functions. The State Department of Public Health would have someone as an Agency Representative on the ICS 203 form

22 Multi-Agency Potential (Federal) The United States Public Health Service could have a significant role depending on geography and need. (ie: DVM, MD’s, RN’s etc..) Centers for Disease control for documentation and support services. Homeland Security/FEMA for ICS paperwork and HSEEP compliance.

23 Operations Any incentive group can be assigned to operations and placed in the Public Health Branch. Each incentive can be assigned as a unit or group. Provides good ICS training/real time experience for the assigned unit leader.

24 Potential Organizational Chart Incident Commander Operations Section Chief Public Safety Branch Triage Group Treatment Group EMS Transport Group Law Enforcement Branch Traffic Group Security Group Special Operations Group Public Health Branch Vaccination Group Registration Group Observation Group Health and Wellness Group Obesity Awareness Unit Pediatric Safety Unit Car Seat Tech Strike Team Diabetic Screening Unit Animal Medicine Unit Planning Section Chief

25 Sandwich EDS

26 Colville EDS

27 Questions & Comments John J. Burke Adjunct Professor Boston University School of Medicine Consortium for Excellence in Health Care Emergency Management 774-313-0178

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