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Men’s Health 2010 Standing Rock Reservation. History Model of screening developed by NDBCCEDP in 1997 – Women’s Way established partnerships Men’s Health.

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1 Men’s Health 2010 Standing Rock Reservation

2 History Model of screening developed by NDBCCEDP in 1997 – Women’s Way established partnerships Men’s Health started in 2003- requested by the community of Standing Rock Funded by Spirit of EAGLES

3 Geography

4 Partners Indian Health Service Tribal Health Community Health Representatives North Dakota Cancer Coalition Northern Plains Cancer Coalition Custer Health Spirit of EAGLES

5 Partners Indian Health Service Facility Providers Lab Follow up

6 Partners Community Health Representatives: Outreach Education in the districts Promote screening days Provide limited transportation Navigation for the men at the screening events

7 Partners North Dakota Cancer Coalition Funding to promote colorectal cancer education Funding to track the return rate of the FOBT kits Colorectal cancer education workshops

8 Partners Northern Plains Cancer Coalition Fund cancer education Provide incentives for attendance NPCCCP staff conducted evaluation at workshops with Audience Response System

9 Partners Custer Health Organize and facilitate screening days Track the Fecal Occult Blood Test kits results Organize the cancer education in the community

10 Partners Spirit of EAGLES Has funded the men’s health program since 2003 Funding pending for 2010-2011

11 Partners Tribal Diabetes program Tribal Education NDSU Extension Service SDSU Extension Service Student nurses from the following institutions – Med Center One School of Nursing, University of Mary, Sitting Bull College

12 Screening Invitations sent to eligible men- 40 and older Appointments set up at Indian Health Service on designated days – 5 days per year – 2 days at McLaughlin SD and 3 days in Fort Yates ND

13 Screening Advertisement Posters placed throughout reservation KLND - local radio station announces the men’s health events Teton Times - local newspaper runs ads when money is available

14 Screening Education stations topics: Diabetes education Colorectal cancer education Heart health Tobacco cessation Stress and coping My Food Pyramid

15 Diabetes Screening and Education

16 Screening More education topics: Dental health Sexually Transmitted Diseases Erectile dysfunction Rate your fiber

17 Heart Health Education

18 Screening Day Men check in Routing slip given Physical exam including a digital rectal exam, Prostate Specific Antigen or shared decision making, Fecal Occult Blood Test (FOBT)– 3 day take home kit with collection instructions self addressed stamped envelope for easy return

19 Screening Cholesterol Fasting Blood Sugar Chest x-ray if indicated EKG if indicated

20 Evaluation Fill out evaluation form Socialization Snacks Incentives – Leatherman, Swiss army knives, caps, 4 in 1 screwdrivers, Stanley tape measures, phone cards, and T-shirts

21 Evaluation Station

22 Screening Numbers In 2001 to 2002 – prior to the men’s health Program - 37 men were screened for cancer From 2003 to September 17, 2010 – 774 men’s cancer screenings were completed

23 Cancers Diagnosed 8 prostate cancers diagnosed 5 colorectal cancers diagnosed Data is estimated

24 Proclamations Chairman Murphy Declared March Colorectal Cancer Awareness month Declared September Prostate Cancer Awareness month

25 Administrative Leave Tribal Employees: Paid 2 hours leave for exams

26 Testimonials Cancer Survivors Speak at events to encourage men to screen for cancer Audio – local prostate cancer survivor’s story played on the local radio station Letters to the editor with the importance of screening

27 What is next? Reach more new men Community Health Representatives contest to recruit new men for screening events

28 What is next “Zannia Ma Wani- United We Walk for Better Health” Cancer Walk- October 27 th in Fort Yates - 2 miles ending at Long Soldier Gym Education stations in the gym at the conclusion of the walk

29 Cancer Walk Rollin Colon inflatable colon to walk through with colorectal cancer education. Other education topics: Breast cancer education Lung cancer education Diabetes and fitness education HIV testing Cervical cancer education

30 Cancer Walk Food and water will be available Salvation Army- feed the children semi truck of food and toiletries - pending

31 Cancer Education Community Health Representatives Round table discussion in the districts separate for men and women Power points presentations with cancer education Anatomical models

32 Men’s Health Logo Developed by a local artist to place on T-shirts, hats and other men’s health items to make recognizable – brand the men’s health program

33 Artwork for Logo

34 Tool kit Create a men’s health tool kit Provide to other communities To increase screening for men To share materials that have worked for the Standing Rock Reservation

35 Questions? Jodie Fetsch RN Custer Health 701-667-3370 Elaine Keeps Eagle CHR Standing Rock 701-854-3865

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