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Innovation Working Group: Designing Resilient Native Communities.

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1 Innovation Working Group: Designing Resilient Native Communities

2 Generous Sponsorship Provided by

3 Participating Organizations Attendees included: Architects, Community Planners, Cultural Entrepreneurs, Housing Policy Leaders, Researchers, Housing Financiers


5 GCCE has a three-fold mission: 1. We support cultural entrepreneurs working to create and scale their enterprises. 2. We advocate for the importance of cultural entrepreneurship and the value of a culture economy. 3. We connect a global network of cultural entrepreneurs. Cultural entrepreneurs drive global change. These entrepreneurs create economic value and promote cultural preservation and innovation. They enrich their communities and the world. They generate self-determination and self-reliance.

6 Innovation Working Group New Mexico EPSCoR funds Innovation Working Groups (IWGs) as a means to provide a venue for engaging New Mexico scientists and educators along with key nationally and internationally recognized experts to address the grand challenges that can transform science and education. A strategic final objective of IWGs is the submission of proposals that target NSF cross-cutting programs and/or the publication of synthesis papers.

7 Goals for Our IWG

8 Transdisciplinary Thinking Planning and Design Research Methodology Policy and Governance Communication and Community Engagement Natural Resource Systems Biology Entrepreneurship

9 Designing Resiliency Natural Resource Systems Communication and Community Engagement Entrepreneurship Policy and Governance Planning and Design Research Methodology

10 Our Group Process: A Navajo Way

11 Resiliency Defined Walker, B., C. S. Holling, S. R. Carpenter, and A. Kinzig. 2004. Resilience, adaptability and transformability in social–ecological systems. Ecology and Society 9(2): 5. URL:

12 Resiliency in Native Communities: CulturalSocialNaturalEconomic “Resiliency is the capacity of Native communities’ cultural, social, economic, and natural resource systems to absorb disturbance and reorganize while undergoing change so as to still retain essentially the same function, structure, identity, and feedbacks.”

13 For Indigenous Peoples, Cultural Resiliency is Paramount

14 Concepts Discussed

15 Concepts



18 Resiliency Requires

19 Concepts

20 Programs Cited as Examples

21 Challenges

22 Change Agents

23 Challenges: People Working in Tribal Planning, Housing, Economic Development

24 Challenges: Researchers

25 Challenges: Entrepreneurs

26 Challenges: Policy Leaders

27 Knowledge Gaps


29 Skill or Tool Gaps

30 Possible Opportunities and/or Solutions

31 Opportunities/Solutions...


33 Knowledge Creation Opportunities

34 Selected Short-term Opportunities for Impact

35 Selected Long-Term Goals

36 Proposed Next Steps

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