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Presented By: Donna Denker, CPA Donna Denker & Associates.

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1 Presented By: Donna Denker, CPA Donna Denker & Associates

2  Internal Controls  Laws and Regulations Tribal Codes Federal Codes (i.e. IRS, FLSA)

3 Protecting the civil rights of all individuals Fair practices towards recipients, students, constituents Not using the position for personal gain (board and staff)

4  Prohibit receiving gifts from suppliers  Confidentiality regarding payroll, health or employee issues  Consistency in applying policies such as travel

5  Arms length agreements with related parties  Duty of loyalty  Written statements from Board and Management each year

6  Confidential process for addressing complaints or reporting suspected illegal acts  Retaliation against a whistleblower can be an illegal act

7  Efficient filing system including paper and electronic documents  Schedule of document retention and purging

8  Board Meetings – clear concise meeting minutes documenting decisions and directives

9  Books and Records – Accuracy and Completeness  Monitoring the Audit Process Understanding the scope of the audit Corrective Action Plans  Development  Assigning Individuals Responsible  Assigning Deadlines  Monitoring

10  Budget must be reflection of your goals and mission  Identify revenues expected  Should be based upon reliable information  Must be monitored vigilantly  Evaluations of finance staff

11  Panel on the Nonprofit Sector  Internal Revenue Service  Code of Federal Regulations 25 CFR Part 900 Subpart F “Standards for Tribal or Tribal Organization Management Systems.”  OMB Circular A-133 Auditee responsibilities Subpart C Part 6 – Internal Controls

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