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Enter the Myth  You are about to enter… Y o u r L i f e as a M y t h.

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2 Enter the Myth 

3 You are about to enter…

4 Y o u r L i f e as a M y t h

5 The Mythos of Your Life You are an artistic expression of Time & Creativity All you create is artistic Your potential is continuously being revealed and expanded Your life can be symbolic and archetypal; Limitless Your Signature is access to your ultimate creative potential The more you know yourself and signature, the more creative you can be Your life is Art t(E)=art

6 The Discovery of your Galactic Signature

7 Why is it called a Signature? Each frequency of Light, sound and energy in the spectrum is unique Each of these unique waves is called The unique energetic signature of your personality and essential being is you as a Creative & Mythic force in the world… Essentially, each of us is a unique energetic wave frequency Your unique wave frequency in the Dreamspell is called your

8 but, Myths aren’t real… Are they? The world is changing, Quickly. The mundane is becoming extraordinary. Our lives are taking on a mythic quality Nothing is as it seems anymore… …Linear thinking is outdated

9 The rules have changed… Myths are now real, and they have pattern and codes …You are one of these codes

10 The journey into your personal mythos begins with… The 3 Aspects

11 The 3 Aspects of your Signature 2.The Tone: creativity 3. The Tribe: essence YellowGalacticSun 1. The Color source

12 Source 1

13 4 Cardinal Colors RED/East YELLOW/South BLUE/West WHITE/North

14 The Cardinal Color The Source of your power The root of your creative beginnings… RED- generation and initiation, rising of the sun, beginnings, initiator and the spark of creations WHITE- purification and wisdom, place of ancestors, clarity, seeker of truth and integrity BLUE- transformation and energy, the power of the shadow as healing, transformational states. YELLOW- expansion and life, place of growth and abundance, expansion, bringer of fruition, the power of expansion

15 Cardinal colors become tribal colors …As you’ll see

16 Creativity & Tone 2

17 Your Creative Contribution What you create is a reflection of yourself H ow you create yourself and how you contribute to any creative process is stepping into the power of your tone H ow you uniquely contribute to the creative process can determine the possible roles you will play Y our contribution is always needed and necessary Everything is a creative process…

18 The Tone Your personality is an expression of one of the thirteen steps of the creative process Your personality presentation, how you show up to yourself and others We all have something to contribute, and the more we know about our tone, the more fulfilling our life becomes You embody a single tone and so embody a crucial aspect of this creative process for yourself and others These 13 steps are called tones, and they have names

19 So, What do you do? Attract Challenge Activate Define Command Organize Channel Harmonize Realize Manifest Liberate Cooperate Transcend

20 Mythos, Tribe & Archetype 3

21 Your Mythic Essence We each have an essence that transcends our daily life, something that we are each known for, and treasured because of As you seek a deeper meaning in your life your personal mythos reveals itself Through the tribe of your signature, you embody an aspect of the evolutionary process and serve as an example to others

22 Your Personal Myth You are one of the many tribes Your Tribe is a guidepost, a model, for helping others awaken How you embody and live into your mythCan show the way for others

23 The Tribe …Is the essential nature of your Mythos. This is your Tribe. The archetype is you fully realized.

24 The Mythic Journey The Human Journey, the journey of the 20 Tribes… Step into your tribe’s archetype and you begin a journey… Birth Spirit IntuitionFocus Dragon 1 Wind 2 Night 3 Seed 4

25 Your signature Tribe is one of these 20 tribes Your journey is the journey of us all, the journey of the tribe Instinct Opportunity Accomplishment Art Serpent 5 Death 6 Hand 7 Star 8

26 The Archetypes of the Tribes transcend dualityFlow Love Magic wisdom Each balances, supports, challenges, or reveals for another Dog 10 Monkey 11 Human 12 Moon 9

27 Wakefulness Receptivity Vision Intelligence Each builds upon the other synthesizing a progressive and radial journey Skywalker 13 Wizard 14 Eagle 15 Warrior 16

28 Synchrony Order Catalyzation Enlightenment Deep and expansive, the tribe of your signature frees you To live the mythos of your life Mirror 18 Earth 17 Storm 19 Sun 20/0

29 Synthesis All of the aspects synthesize together to create your Signature You are one color One tone One tribe You don’t need much else…

30 Galactic Alchemy The ingredients of Your Signature: Source & Power Creativity & Contribution Mythos & Archetype …Your journey has just begun

31 Decode Your Signature The next step is yours… Remember, it’s about Time… Designed and developed by Tito @ contact us for use

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