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Coahuiltecan Indians South Texas Plains

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1 Coahuiltecan Indians South Texas Plains
By Melissa D., Erin J., and Stephanie B. © “Certain materials are included under the fair use exemption of the U.S. Copyright Law and have been prepared according to the multimedia fair use guidelines and are restricted from further use.”

2 Geography & Culture These Indians are nomadic hunters. This means that they are constantly moving and looking/hunting for food. They spoke many different languages because they weren’t one tribe, but many grouped together. When water was available, they’d catch fish and let them rot and gain maggots, then eat the fish AND the maggots!

3 Homes/Shelter Called Wickiup Huts
Wickiup Huts-Sticks covered with animal skin and grass Usually lived and slept out in the open ©

4 Foods Buffalo Fish Insects Deer Rabbit Lizards Snakes
Plants and Fruits Dirt ©

5 Tools/Weapons © Travois Bow and Arrow

6 Appearance/Clothes Sandals- fibers from lechuguilla plant
Short skirts & breach cloths- made of animal skins Buffalo robes- Winter Children- Naked Most went naked ©

7 Leadership/Tribal Size
The oldest was the most respected. You were born into power, or leadership. Many small groups of Indians made up what the Spaniards called the Coahuiltecans. ©

8 What Happened... The Coahuiltecans have left many ancestors, but none of them live like their fathers. When the Spaniards started missionaries, the steady source of water and food appealed to the Coahuiltecans. When they joined the missionaries, they ended up marrying the Spanish. They started to live more like the Spaniards, instead of their ancestors.

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