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Tribal Tata ACE Branding - Pictorial Representation.

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1 Tribal Tata ACE Branding - Pictorial Representation

2 1.This presentation explains on how different sides of a TATA ACE vehicle would look like with the branding elements. (graphics). 2.It includes the dimensions of all sides to enable development of framework which shall be placed over TATA ACE vehicle. On this framework the prints are scaffold (fixed). 3.The hi-resolution artworks for each side is to be downloaded and used for printing.

3 Side 2 Side 1 Side 3 Side 4 Side 5 Side 6

4 Side 1- Branding on 2 longer sides Side 2- Horizontal Branding – Longer sides

5 Side 3- Horizontal Branding – Other longer side Side 4- Back Lower Branding

6 Side 5- Back Vertical Branding

7 Side 6- Front Vertical Branding

8 Tribal Tata ACE Branding - Dimensions

9 Front Vertical branding: L - 2ft x H - 3.5 ft Branding on 2 longer sides: L - 9ft x H - 6ft Horizontal Branding- Longer side: L – 9.5ft x H – 2ft

10 Back Vertical Branding: L – 2ft x H – 6ft Back Lower Branding: L – 5.5ft x H – 2ft Horizontal Branding – Other longer side: L – 9.5ft x H – 2ft

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