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Tribal Culture of the Ibo Tribe By: Cindy,Miranda,Robert,Brittani.

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1 Tribal Culture of the Ibo Tribe By: Cindy,Miranda,Robert,Brittani

2 The Economy Established on Sharecropping The chief agricultural products include yams, cassava, and taro Other important subsidiary crops include: coco yams, plantains, maize, melons, okra, pumpkins, peppers, gourds, and beans Palm products are the main cash crops The principal exports include palm oil and, to a lesser extent, palm kernels

3 Ethics Being born, married,and buried Whenever a favor was needed or a thank you was to be given to their gods they performed an act of worship Ibo people have high respect for elders Women were not always seen as an important person in their communities but they still were IMPORTANT because they were able to bear children

4 Religion Ibo’s are a profoundly religious people who believe in a creator, usually known as Chukwu Usually worships were for the protection of evil spirits, evil minded people,or to seek help for an illness The Ibo tradition was based on nature related gods There is a strong Igbo belief that the spirits of one's ancestors keep a constant watch over you Chi which is their personal god Christianity had a major impact

5 Customs The Week Of Peace The Feast of the New Yam The palm wine Breaking the kola nut Oracle Chi ("When a man says yes his chi says yes also“)pg19 But at the same time a man does not challenge his chi. The evil you have done can ruin the whole clan. pg22 Fire Oral story telling They had a god for every different natural phenomenon that occurred

6 Social Divisions Women Children Elders Government was based on the democratic in nature, based primarily on of opinion one man, one vote

7 System of Justice Based on oracle One persons problem = the whole village Followed natural and unwritten laws The council of men Judge and jury

8 How the clan kept order By having the council of elders to keep order in the communities Having the week of peace for the well being of their crops Having different gods for different things

9 Achebe used ceremonies to illustrate and explain the culture The week of peace showed the importance of Ani so that they would be successful

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