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CORe for Expenditure Reporting Tribal Online Training October 11, 2011.

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1 CORe for Expenditure Reporting Tribal Online Training October 11, 2011

2 CORe Definitions & Features Central Office Reporting system DCF processes payment in CORe, a DWD system for DCF grant recipients

3 CORe Definitions & Features Data electronically imported –From Excel files submitted by your agency Contract Code = Payment line Line Code = Expenditure reporting line (similar to “profile”)

4 CORe Homepage

5 Getting Started

6 Core Definitions

7 Provide ACH Bank Information Complete ACH Set-up Form:

8 Submitting Expenditure Reports Start by selecting Tribal from the Forms page: Click attachment link to download and save Excel report form.

9 Example Expenditure Report form

10 Submitting Expenditure Reports Save completed report using the standard file name format: Agency # - Agency Name - Program - Month - Year For example: A1 Badger DV 01 2010.xls Email file to:

11 Payment Process Daily Expenditure Reports uploaded to CORe system CORe website reports update overnight

12 Payment Process Monthly 23 rd - Expenditure Reports due by 4:30 PM ~26 th - Bank Reconciliation Report should show scheduled payments 30 th - ACH Deposit made to your agency’s bank account

13 Web Reports

14 Contract Balance by Agency Shows a ‘snapshot’ of your agency’s status though the month you select. Shows: –Contract Amounts (Zero if “non capped”) –Total expenditures reported to date –Total reimbursements received to date –Any pending payments (“Cash Position”)

15 Example Contract Balance Report Expenditure Amount = Amount reported to date Reimbursement = Amount paid to date Contract Balance = Amount still available to be claimed Cash Position = Amount to be paid with next payment batch (Expenditure reported, but Reimbursement not yet processed)

16 Monthly Expense Detail Report Best place to verify if DCF has received and processed your expense report for the month –Summarizes all expenditures reported by your agency for the calendar year

17 Example Monthly Expense Detail

18 Bank Deposit Reconciliation Report Shows payments sorted: –by deposit date, or –by agency May take place of audit confirmation PDF files available for ease of printing

19 Example Bank Reconciliation Report Default view is “by date”

20 Example Bank Reconciliation Report Optional View by Agency

21 Error Corrections Best method – add correction on next regular report If you resubmit an expenditure report, the entire month’s report must be resubmitted (original report plus the change). –CORe operates on a “replacement” basis What to do if you notice an error after you file a report?

22 CORe Helpful Resources

23 Any questions? CORe Accountants in DCF Finance: Sue Losen 608/266-7915 Becky Mogensen608/266-1366

24 THANK YOU Thank you for joining us today Do not hesitate to contact me with any future questions

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