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District 51 Financial Aid Overview Curt Martin Colorado Mesa University.

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1 District 51 Financial Aid Overview Curt Martin Colorado Mesa University

2 Show Me the Money! Need-Based Grants Merit-Based Grants o Academic Achievement o Athletics o Talent o Community Service o Only applicant Loans Savings Work

3 Prepare! Things to gather for need – based aid – Name, SSN, DOB – Federal Tax forms – Other Income – Assets Find Out the cost of the college

4 Cost of Attendance Billed Expenses College A College B Tuition $7,000 $28,600 Fees 268 300 Room 5,194 6,500 Board 3,430 3,450 Total Billed $15,892 $38,850 Out-of-pocket Expenses Books & Supplies $1,698 Transportation 1,200 Personal Expenses 1,942 Total Out-of-Pocket $4,840 Total Cost of Attendance $20,732 $43,690

5 Preparing for Scholarships Do well academically Join Groups Become civic-minded Keep a diary

6 Look! High School Guidance Counselor College Web Sites College Financial Aid Offices Local Businesses & Banks Your Place of Employment (Parents Too) Clubs and Churches Magazines, Newspapers, TV, Soda Cans, Wrappers The Web in General

7 Student Debt Is Real So smart, so successful – so broke? Don’t become a statistic! For students ages 18-24, one-third of their income is spent on debt Average student loan debt is $26,500 (not counting private loans) Average student credit card debt is $4,100 at graduation (2009) More 21-to-24-year-olds are declaring bankruptcy than graduating from college

8 What’s your Plan? Starting Salary: $40,000 per year Take Home:$2400 per month (after taxes, medical insurance, retirement) Payments: Rent ($750) Student Loan($225) Car payment($400) Utilities($350) Credit Card($125) Food($350) Insurance($150) Emergencies($ 50) (dates, clothes, etc.)

9 Financial Aid Process January – March Complete FAFSA Complete scholarship applications If attending college in Colorado, complete COF at Verification documents requested by college

10 Financial Aid Process April – July Award notification sent to student Complete Master Promissory Note (MPN) and loan entrance counseling Parent needs to complete credit check and MPN for Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students (PLUS)

11 Financial Aid Process August – October Check in with Financial Aid office to verify that everything has been completed Financial Aid will be disbursed either 3 days before class or 2 weeks after classes start November – December Search for scholarships for next academic year Repeat process each year

12 Time to Split

13 Financial Aid FAFSA Overview Curt Martin Financial Aid Director

14 PIN Useful as an e-signature for FAFSA completion Parent and student may both apply for PIN


16 Student Identifiers

17 My FAFSA Page


19 Introduction Page

20 Student Information and Hints

21 High School Question

22 School Selection Step

23 Dependency Status

24 Parental Determination

25 Parent Financial Information

26 FYI IRS data retrieval Also available for Corrections Available starting February 15 th –28 th Electronically filed tax return information will be available from the IRS in 1-2 weeks, data from paper tax returns will be available in 6-8 weeks.

27 IRS Data Retrieval Once the applicant has successfully authenticated, tax data will be presented and the applicant will have the option to “Transfer” the tax information to the FAFSA Transferred data will have a notation - “Transferred from the IRS”

28 Additional Income Information

29 Assets and Net Worth

30 Student Financial Information Same as parent information, only students financial information

31 Sign & Submit

32 Helpful Web Sites College in Colorado: Scholarship Search: FAFSA: PIN: MPN: U.S. Department of Education: General financial aid information:

33 FAFSA Help Central High School February 7, 2013Library, 6:30-7:30 Fruita Monument HS February 11, 2013Library, 6:30-7:30 Palisade High School February 12, 2013Library, 6:30-7:30 Grand Junction HS February 13, 2013Room 110, 6:30-7:30 College Goal Sunday - Colorado Mesa University February 10, 2013 ACB – 2 nd Floor 11:00-2:00

34 Questions? Colorado Mesa University Financial Aid Office: – 1-800-982-MESA (Main Line) – (970) 248-1396 (Financial Aid) – Financial Aid Counselors: – Ashlee Caddy – Jim Ciha – Patty Diekman – Rose Willett – Carol Lawrence – Sally Schuman – Heidi Waggoner

35 Thank You

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