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Peter Martin CEO, Tribal Group plc Tribal in Education Welcome.

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1 Peter Martin CEO, Tribal Group plc Tribal in Education Welcome

2 Why we are successful Mark Sampson Director of Business Development Tribal in Education

3 Tribal Education Software Services Learning & Publishing Consulting Support Services Group Structure

4 Financial Performance

5 Revenue Split

6 Committed Revenue Year£ Millions 200853 200931 20106

7 Breadth & Depth Rich Seams Market Leadership Originality & Innovation Originality & Innovation Sustainable Success Client Why we are successful

8 The Learning & Skills Landscape Barry Brooks Director for Education and Skills Strategy Tribal in Education

9 2007/8 2010/11 £68.1bn £80.3bn Overall spending in Education 2008-2011 Comprehensive Spending Review

10 Investment in Training and Skills

11 2007/8 2010/11 £50.1bn £59.7bn 3.1% in real terms Academies & BSF - £40 billion STEM - £420 million Family Learning - £90 million

12 2007/8 2010/11 £14.2bn £16.4bn 2.2% in real terms Skills for Life - £3 billion World Class Skills - £15 billion Train 2 Gain - £3 billion

13 Largest provider of inspections Largest provider of services Largest provider of IAG to OLASS Largest provider of CPD for teachers of mathematics

14 Terrorism Health Crime Unemployment

15 Machinery of Government Gershon Lyons Tribal

16 Economic performance and social justice Economic performance and social justice Economic performance and social justice

17 Tribal in Education Anthony Benton Managing Director - Software World-class Software

18 Revenue Split

19 Tribal Software – The Facts Annual recurring support fees of £11.12M represents 33% of annual revenues Support charges vary from 20% to 30% of software license value £30+ million business Core applications (e.g. Student Records) are mission critical systems, client retention is high

20 Success in Education 60% of all universities 80% of all further education 60% of all private training providers 70% of all local authorities

21 No 1 in HE Student Records No 1 in FE Student Records No 2 in Children’s Services No 1 in Work Based Learning Market Leaders – with world class products

22 NMDS-SC ™ National Minimum Dataset-Social Care on-line £7 million contract over 5 years

23 national stakeholders with market needs information single source of collecting information influence planning & resource allocation in the social care the information to target resources & training Increasing the skills of the social care workforce Capturing data on a national scale

24 Year 1 Year 2Year 3Year 4 1,900,000 1,050,000 1,400,000 2,350,000 Context Year 5 3,050,000 Number of Employees Managers - 22.6% with no qualifications Care Workers – 24.8% with Level 2 or above

25 Supported by:

26 On Time On Budget Happy Client

27 Building on our proven success Integrated Children’s System and Child Social Care Exceptionally loyal client base with huge opportunities for development Health Service Software Applications – market now open for new applications Overseas expansion – world class education management products (presence in Jamaica, Ireland, Malta, Oslo) Portals and Information Delivery Projects – huge demand for new era management information systems Children’s Centres & Pre-School Services Acquisition of strategically aligned software businesses

28 Tribal in Education Geoff Stead Technical Director Innovation and Learning

29 Technology in education: innovation £860m school spend on IT More mobiles than people 85% of all teachers

30 Products Projects R&D Innovation R&D Innovation

31 Content Filling gapsQuality & Consistency Mix of media

32 Portals 99% of schools are online £60m to connect to schools All colleges. Most universities. Schools … Reaching learners

33 Communication No borders E-mentors

34 Innovation: the m-generation Try a free taster: text “BSM Tribal” to 80806 25% of 7-10 yr olds 3.3bn phones worldwide Every child in Wolverhampton £6M from LSC

35 Innovation: the all-in-one blend

36 Innovation: large employers

37 Tribal in Education John Simpson Director for Education UK’s Leading Provider of School Inspections

38 UK’s largest private sector provider of school inspection services 4 year, £12m pa contract to August 09 Revenues grown x12 between 2001 and 2007 450 fully trained inspectors One third of English schools (c9000) Market Position

39 Leading Public/Private Partnership “Outstanding Services” Market Leadership Re-tender Sept 2009 Client Where are we now?

40 Here to stay New Opportunities Early years Initial teacher training Early years Initial teacher training Other UK regulatory regimes Overseas

41 Tribal in Education Martin Good, Director for Innovation OLASS 3 The offender learning and skills service, 2009 - 2014

42 Learning and Skills Council (LSC) OLASS budget 2007/8 2008/92009/102010/11 Market size post CSR Overall budget (CSR) £113m £122m £125m £128m

43 Why? 90,000 and rising 65% re-offend within 2 years

44 Costs of reoffending Re-imprisonment Year 1: £60,000 pa After that: Year 2 £40,000 pa Year 3 £40,000 pa Year 4 £40,000 pa Year 5 £40,000 pa...

45 Year 1 cost £3.2bn 10% saving: £320m

46 Work is the key Sustainable employment works

47 OLASS: 2 parts Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) Skills training

48 2009/10 Market size of IAG (£ millions) 2010/11 £17m £19m £20m Estimate for IAG: £15-£20 million pa for 5 years £18m 2008/9 2007/8

49 Housing practice: social landlords IAG in 26 prisons now, £9 million Labour market research: skill and labour shortages Network of employers Unrivalled expertise in employability and basic skills E-learning, m-learning, empowerment Tribal’s capability Recruitment business

50 20,000 IAG sessions pa now Excellent client feedback Magnet for new money Tracking with technology Tribal wide approach Why us?

51 “ Excellent service ” “ 100% on target ” Contract extensions

52 Let’s work together to reduce reoffending now.

53 Tribal in Education Peter Martin, CEO Questions

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