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Presented by Dustin Smith, M.Ed. Office of Student Services.

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2 Presented by Dustin Smith, M.Ed. Office of Student Services

3 An Effective Risk Management Plan:  Recognizes and responds to danger that could interfere with the organization’s function.  Identifies threats to an organization’s continuing operation.  Controls loss by taking steps to reduce the severity should a loss occur.

4  Why? Each activity has its own potential risks. Responsibility. ○ Student Organization. All recognized ATSU student organizations are required to have a written risk management plan on file.

5  Step One – Acknowledgement The failure to recognize that accidents happen and that misunderstandings are part of the human experience, may needlessly expose an organization and its members to loss. ○ Assess the capability of the group to manage risk.  Step Two – Identification Look for and report dangerous conditions or impermissible conduct to risk manager officers and/or advisors. ○ Communication is key.

6  Step Three – Evaluation Prepare for the “worst case scenario.” ○ Low Risk v. High Risk Situation ○ Not all risks are equal Minor annoyances, waste of resources Bankruptcy and loss -Know your overhead (events and fundraisers)  Step Four – Decision and Implementation Avoidance Modification Transfer Retention

7  Step Five – Supervise, and appropriately revise, ‘The Plan’ Appoint a risk manger to supervise and evaluation the plan. Periodical review.

8 Have Questions?  Having trouble with your organization’s Risk Management Plan, or just want more information?  Contact: Dustin Smith, Student Services Coordinator Office of Student Services 480-219-6126

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