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History of Civilizaiton

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1 History of Civilizaiton

2 1.What are the Names of the First four River valley Civilizations?
Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, Babylon, China Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, Harappa, Huang He. Indus valley, Yellow River, Sumeria, Ancient Egypt. Harappa, Yellow River, Ancient Egypt, Huang He

3 Who were the Pioneers of Mesopotamian culture?
Chaldeans Kassites Assyrians Sumerians

4 What does Pharaoh mean? House of love Royal leader House of god
God’s love

5 What was the reason for the start of the Ancient Egypt’s 1st Intermediate period?
Civil war Floods Foreign Invasion Bankruptcy

6 Who NEVER invaded Ancient Egypt?
Hyksos Assyrians Nubians Sumerians

7 What was NOT responsible for the downfall of the Indus Valley Civilization?
Drought Deforestation Aryan Invasion Drying of the Sarasvati River.

8 What is the name of the first dynasty of Ancient China?
Shang Zhou (Chou) Qin Hsia (Xia)

9 Who was the first emperor of China?
Sun Tzu Mao Tse Tung Shih Huang Ti Huang Ti Shih

10 What is unique about the ancient Indus Valley cities?
Their uniform layout Their long narrow streets Their access to fresh water Their mud brick walls

11 Who is this? Cleopatra Ramses Tutankhamen Hatshepsut

12 Who is this? Sargon I Sargon II Shih Huang Ti Hammurabi

13 What is and where is this?
Ziggurat, UR, Modern day Iraq

14 What are the names of the TWO rivers of Mesopotamia?
Danube, Euphrates Tigris, Danube Tigris, Nile Tigris, Euphrates

15 Which word best describes the Kassites?
Cultured Uncultured Sophisticated Artistic

16 The Assyrians were… Peaceful and loving Good statesmen Brutal despots

17 “Hebrew” means… From far away From Israel From across From the Desert

18 King Solomon’s Temple was destroyed (first) by…
The Babylonians The Persians The Egyptians The Palestinians

19 The Mandate of Heaven… was an Ancient Chinese religious practice
was an Ancient Chinese system of government was an Ancient Chinese theory of legitimacy was an Ancient Chinese system of ancestor worship

20 The Persian Empire… Had a peaceful and insular system
Had a weak system of communication Had strong, violent leaders Had a superior system of government

21 Who finally crushed the Persian Empire?
Darius Cyrus the Great Alexander the Great Napoleon

22 Who founded the Persian Empire?
Alexander the Great Cyrus the Great Darius I Xerxes

23 What was not a feature of Sumerian Law?
Trial by Jury Eye for an Eye Inequality before the law Accidental death = Murder

24 What does “diaspora” mean?
Dispersal Kicking out Running away Planting trees

25 Judaism was the first… polytheistic religion
true monotheistic religion religion of the Fertile Crescent religion to spread to foreign lands

26 The LAST Mesopotamian culture were…
The Kassites The Chaldeans The Sumerians The Assyrians

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