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BISON MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS, LLC (a division of Bison Investments, Inc.)

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1 BISON MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS, LLC (a division of Bison Investments, Inc.)

2 Bison Investments, Inc. (Parent) Bison Investments seeks investments in underperforming, SE US basic manufacturing companies with EBITDA greater than $1MM and a defensible niche in their respective markets. Companies in Distribution, Capital Goods, and Government Contractors with a product also interest us. Historically, medical devices, consumer products, aerial delivery gear, and military wearable's have been of interest.

3 Bison Management Solutions Specialties Acquisition Due Diligence Sale Preparation Restructuring Turnarounds Refinancing

4 OUR TEAM C. Birge Sigety – Founder, Bison Investments – CEO experience for over 30 years Jerry Carver – Former COO, Bison Investments – CFO/COO experience for over 30 years Jerry Kerby – VP Business Development for Bison Investments – Retired USAF Lt. Col/Fighter Pilot/Squadron Commander/Program Manager Bruce Rodgers, P.A. – Founder, Business Law Group – 17 years experience in a vast array of deals

5 Deal Experience Buy-Side Parke Davis Medical Surgical Division by Professional Medical Products, Inc. (PMP) Warner Lambert Orthopedics Division by PMP BASF’s Schaerer, AG by Sintra, AG Dart and Kraft Seamless Hospital Products by PMP Aerial Machine and tool, Inc. by Bison Investments, Inc. Pamlico Technical Molding, Inc. by Polyten Plastics, Inc. (Bison) Pharmanetics, Inc. (Cardiovascular Diagnostics, Inc.) Coeur Laboratories by Polyten Plastics, Inc. Sales/Mergers Schaerer, AG to Cafag, AG Realistic (PMP) to private individual Pope Brace (PMP) to US Manufacturing, Inc. Chick Medical Products (PMP) to Kirshner Medical, Inc. (MidMark, Biomet) Medical Textiles, Inc. to Facemate Corp Professional Medical Products, Inc. to Tyco International (Covidien) Embers Charcoal Company to Royal Oak Polyten Plastics, Inc. and Polyten, LLC to Polyten, LLC to Coeur, Inc. (Hammond, Kennedy, and Whitney) Aerial Machine and Tool, Inc. to US Divers

6 Financing Experience Transaction Types – Asset Based Loans – Industrial Revenue Bonds – Currency Hedging – International Line of Credit – Caps/Collars – Preferred Stock Issuance – Seller Financings – Warrants

7 Financing Relationships (partial list) Worked with many financial institutions – General Electric Capital – CIT Business Finance – South Financial Group – Bank of America – Wachovia – JP Morgan – UBS – Among others

8 Restructuring Experience Bankruptcy supervision Estate structuring Company/Investor Group formation Real Estate portfolio reorganization Formed FAA Part 91 and Part 135 aviation companies Roll-ups Bank Mergers

9 Typical Approach High level assessment and action plan – Define Owner’s goals – Determine current state of the business – Develop action plan to achieve owners goals Formalize further assistance Establish Timeline for the work Prepare and Provide Implementable Solutions

10 Contact Information For more information about Bison Management Solutions, LLC please contact: – Jerry Kerby: 813-832-6359, ext 27 – Birge Sigety: 813-832-6359, ext 20 Please visit our website at


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