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Stability. Security. Strength.. Particularly valued for its stability, reliability, high standard of living & quality of life Safe haven: - stable economic,

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1 Stability. Security. Strength.

2 Particularly valued for its stability, reliability, high standard of living & quality of life Safe haven: - stable economic, political & legal system - globally recognised currency Global competitive position & capacity due to high levels of research & education 200-year history of neutrality: in terms of diplomacy highly regarded Internationally renowned as one of the richest countries Top of the world: gross domestic product (GDP) of more than $80,000 2 Switzerland: rock-solid for investments.

3 Swiss financial centre: characterised by security, progressiveness, legal certainty Liberal business environment Highly attractive to foreign investors: proven excellence of the financial institutions in investment consulting of both private and institutional clients, as well as excellent international networking 3 Switzerland: rock-solid for investments.

4 Financial sector of central economic importance in Switzerland Key competencies: -Private banking -Asset management -Insurance sector Longstanding tradition of economic and monetary stability: -low interest rates -low inflation -prominent international role of the Swiss franc Clear global market leader in transnational asset management business 4 Switzerland: rock-solid for investments.

5 The Swiss Quality Portfolio (CHF) Fund focus: -investments on Swiss blue chip shares -large, international and generally known and reputable companies -high degree of both security and credit worthiness -distinguish themselves through asset strength and profitability 5 Premium Swiss quality investment.

6 Shares are among the financially strongest and most liquid within Switzerland Represent around 90 % of the equity capital traded on the Swiss stock market. Swiss Quality Portfolio (CHF) Fund realised up to 100 % in the Swiss currency (CHF) 6 Premium Swiss quality investment.

7 Diversification: part of the assets also invested in bonds and foreign shares Cash contingent not limited Also possible to invest parts of the assets in gold and precious metals (Switzerland as the principal storage location) Portfolio may be hedged against losses 7 Responsible and forward-looking.

8 8 Strategic portfolio.

9 9 Swiss blue chip shares.

10 10 Impressive performance. On the basis of this development, at a monthly savings rate of CHF 100, assets to the value of approximately 1.95 million CHF would have accrued over a period of 21 years.

11 Year Credit at start of year Deposits Appreciation on investment New credit at end of year 10.001,200.00221.001,421.00 2 1,200.00704.143,325.14 3 1,200.001,351.555,876.69 4 1,200.002,219.079,295.76 5 1,200.003,381.5613,877.32 6 1,200.004,939.2920,016.61 7 1,200.007,026.6528,243.26 8 1,200.009,823.7139,266.96 9 1,200.0013,571.7754,038.73 1054,038.731,200.0018,594.1773,832.90 1173,832.901,200.0025,324.19100,357.09 12100,357.091,200.0034,342.41135,899.49 13135,899.491,200.0046,426.83183,526.32 14183,526.321,200.0062,619.95247,346.27 15247,346.271,200.0084,318.73332,865.00 16332,865.001,200.00113,395.10447,460.11 17447.460,111.200,00152.357,44601,017.54 18601.017,541.200,00204.566,96806,784.51 19806.784,511.200,00274.527,731,082,512.24 201.082.512,241.200,00368.275,161,451,987.40 211.451.987,401.200,00493.896,721,947,084.11 Total sums0.0025,200.001,921,884.111,947,084.11 Savings plan with deposits of CHF 100 per month: Exemplary and simplified simulation of a monthly savings rate of EUR 100 over a period of 21 years with a rate of return using the nominal assumed annual interest rate of 34% p.a. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results. The performance shown does not take account of any commissions and costs. All information provided without any guarantee or warranty and are for the recipient's personal use and information purposes only. Impressive performance.

12 12 Investment solution with bright prospects.

13 13 Tactical hedging of the portfolio. Active response to falling stock markets using technical analysis. Hedging

14 14 Technical information.

15 Investors are enabled to invest their assets outside of their country Investors remain anonymous, even within Switzerland Assets are protected against any access All assets are held in a Swiss bank Confirmation of participation for investors in the form of a certificate, as well as regular asset statements regarding purchased shares 15 Fund policy according to Swiss quality standards.

16 Thanks to the assured liquidity of the fund, investors have the guarantee to be able to dispose of their assets even at short notice (on a monthly basis) The proceeds from the sale of shares can then be transferred to any of the investor’s accounts The Swiss Quality Portfolio (CHF) Fund, its investment managers and the Swiss bank are under the control of the respective financial market authority and are supervised accordingly 16 Fund policy according to Swiss quality standards.

17 17 Renowned partners. VP Bank (Switzerland) AG, Zurich The VP Bank Group is an internationally operating private bank. It focuses on asset management for private clients and financial intermediaries. VP Bank was founded in 1956. It is listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange. The financial strength of the bank group has been rated " A " by Standard & Poor’s. A substantial part of the company’s equity capital is held by the three primary shareholders Stiftung Fürstlicher Kommerzienrat Guido Feger, U.M.M. Hilti-Stiftung and Ethenea Independent Investors S.A. – a guarantee for continuity, independence and sustainability. More than 700 employees attend to client assets totalling around 40 billion Swiss francs. A global network of partnerships supports the bank’s client advisors with excellent international expertise. VP Bank is one of the largest banks in the Liechtenstein financial centre. In addition to its main offices in the Principality of Liechtenstein, the VP Bank Group is represented in six other locations across the: Switzerland, Luxembourg, British Virgin Islands, Singapore, Russia and Hong kong. One hallmark of VP Bank is the impartiality of its advice. Its investment solutions are based on the principle of " open architecture “, in which services and products of third parties are taken into account in the recommendations.

18 18 Renowned partners. VP Bank in brief Key financial figures 30.06.2014 Client assets under management (CHF, billion)31.4 Group Profit (CHF million) 11.1 Total assets (CHF million) 11.2 Cost/return ratio (%) 76.4 Tier 1 ratio (%) 20.7 Share capital (CHF million) 869.40 Equity ratio (%)7.7 Principal shareholders % of voting rights Stiftung Fürstlicher Kommerzienrat Guido Feger foundation48.4 U.M.M. Hilti-Stiftung10.6 Ethenea Independent Investors S.A.7.4 The „Stiftung Fürstlicher Kommerzienrat Guido Feger“ foundation, set up in 1954 by the founder of VP Bank, supports a number of social, charitable and cultural projects. In so doing it helps to shape the corporate culture of VP Bank, which takes ist social responsibility very seriously.

19 19 Renowned partners. Neue Helvetische Bank, Zurich Neue Helvetische Bank AG, domiciled in Zürich, is politically and financially independent. The traditional values of Swiss banking - security, stability and competence form the basis of its philosophy and actions. The fact that it has deposited half of its share capital in gold is an expression of this value system. It is familiar with state-of-the-art instruments in finance and develops innovative and customised financial solutions. It places great value on effective corporate governance and compliance. The management and control of the bank are focused on sustainable value creation. The offering encompasses premium services in the areas of advisory, asset management, corporate finance and research. Neue Helvetische Bank aims to cater first and foremost to current and former entrepreneurs and qualified private investors. In addition, it offers individual solutions to external asset managers. The team has longstanding experience in the Swiss capital market business. The manageable size of the bank is conducive to uncomplicated and personal contact with customers. Approximately 70 per cent of Neue Helvetische Bank is held by the founding partners, the Board of Directors, Management and employees. Accordingly, the entrepreneurial risk, but also participation in the success of the company, are shared by all.

20 20 Renowned partners. B&N Bank, Moscow (RU) / Transfer Bank B&N BANK is one of Russia’s largest commercial bank organized as an open joint stock company under the laws of the Russian Federation. Bank demonstrates positive financial results, high current level of liquidity and capitalization, steady market positions and stable mutual relations with circle of corporate clients. In our business we pay a special attention to the satisfaction of our customers. We highly appreciate transparency and confidentiality in our relations. By launching and developing new products we make cooperation more effective and comfortable. B&N BANK has a wide network that embraces more than 30 regions within Russia and has extensive relations with foreign banks and export credit agencies (ECAs). In 2004, the Bank was admitted into the Russian Central Bank Deposit Insurance Program, which provides insurance for customer deposits with state and private Russian banks in case of a bank bankruptcy. As of April 2007, the bank had over 2,300 employees. In November 2008 B.I.N.BANK acquired 76% of Bashinvestbank’s shares. Еarlier this year B&N Bank has been included in TOP-30 banks by its level of stress resistance in financial crisis’s conditions. Founded in 1993, B&N BANK offers a wide range of corporate banking services (including lending to large corporate clients & SME lending, payment and account services, international settlements, trade finance and ECA-backed finance, payroll services, leasing, etc.), retail banking services (deposits, credit and debit cards, overdraft facilities, car, consumer and mortgage loans, etc.) and financial markets activities. B&N BANK’s registered and principal office is at 5a, Grodnenskaya street, Moscow, 121471, Russia

21 Risks This fund invests in equities and is therefore subject to major value fluctuations. Therefore, only investors with an investment horizon of at least five years and the appropriate risk appetite and capacity should invest in this fund. Because this fund follows an active management style, its performance may differ from that of the reference index. All investments are subject to market fluctuations. Every fund has specific risks, which can significantly increase under unusual market conditions. Recommended investment horizon: more than 5 years For complete information about the fund, including the risks of investing, applicable fees and other important information, prospective investors are advised to read the full offering memorandum. For marketing and information purposes. Before investing in a product please read the latest prospectus carefully and thoroughly. Units of the fund mentioned herein may not be offered, sold or delivered in the United States. The information mentioned herein is not intended to be construed as a solicitation or an offer to buy or sell any securities or related financial instruments. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results. The performance shown does not take account of any commissions and costs charged when subscribing to and redeeming units. Commissions and costs have a negative impact on performance. If the currency of a financial product or financial service is different from your reference currency, the return can increase or decrease as a result of currency fluctuations. This information pays no regard to the specific or future investment objectives, financial or tax situation or particular needs of any specific recipient. The details and opinions contained in this document are provided without any guarantee or warranty and are for the recipient's personal use and information purposes only. This document contains statements that constitute “forward-looking statements and calculations”, including, but not limited to, statements relating to our future business development. While these forward-looking statements represent our judgments and future expectations concerning the development of our business, a number of risks, uncertainties and other important factors could cause actual developments and results to differ materially from our expectations.

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