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Britain’s Declining House Sizes Coming to the US?.

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1 Britain’s Declining House Sizes Coming to the US?

2 Measuring Housing Affordability: Median Multiple Median House Price/Median Household Income (Used by UN, OECD and others)

3 Median Multiple (Price to Income Ratio) INTERNATIONAL:1980s-2000s

4 Data from Royal Institute of British Architects New House Size: US & UK 2009 United States United Kingdom

5 House Size Decline: United Kingdom 1920 COMPARED TO 2009 1920 2009 Data from Royal Institute of British Architects

6 Terraced (Town House)

7 Semi-Detached (2-Family House or Duplex)

8 Detached


10 World War I: Ypres (Belgium)

11 British War Cemetery: Ypres British War Fatalities 1 Million (2.5x WW20

12 David Lloyd George Prime Minister 1917-1922 Homes fit for heroes


14 Suburban London


16 The Result

17 Elitist Disparagement (Interwar) An affront to the eye ‘slums of the future 1938: “their destruction was ‘an eventuality that does much to reconcile one to the prospect of aerial bombardment’. …the new style of homes represented 'something worse than the meanness of poverty - the meanness of spirit'

18 World War II: St. Paul’s (London)


20 Winston Churchill Prime Minister 1940-1945 1951-1955

21 Post World War II Clement Atlee, Prime Minister 1945-1951: With Truman & Stalin

22 Town & Country Planning Act: 1947 Green Belts

23 Post World War II Council Houses

24 Post World War II Council Houses

25 Sir Peter Hall Urbanologist

26 Margaret Thatcher Prime Minister 1979-1990



29 Barker Reports … to reduce the long- term trend in house price increases to 1.1% a year – compared with the current rate of more than 9% a year – would require 260,000 homes to be built annually. Since then, an average of just 115,000 homes have been built in the private sector each year.


31 Post World War II: US HOME OWNERSHIP INCREASE Levittown (NY): Birthplace of the American Dream

32 Lakewood, California (Los Angeles Area)

33 From Census Bureau Home Ownership Rate: 1900-2013 UNITED STATES AVERAGE Figure 33

34 U.S. nationally syndicated newspaper columnist Neal Pearce implied that the Columbine High School massacre, was caused by urban sprawl. Suburban bankruptcy predictions Faceless estates. Soulless financial districts. Elite Disparagement

35 Housing Affordability 1950-2012 MAJOR US METROPOLITAN AREAS: MEDIAN MULTIPLE  Median Multiple: Median House Price divided by Median Household Income Figure 35 Greater Price Volatility 

36 $550,000 (2007) Houston Exurbs (Katy) 4,500 square feet Lot: 0.4 Acre $550,000 (2007) Los Angeles Exurbs (Simi Valley) 1,700 square feet Lot: 0.1 Acre

37 MANILA SICK Priorities are Wrong

38 Why did people move to the cities? Not light rail, good urban planning To have better lives Yet urban planning is – Reducing the standard of living and increasing poverty Need to replace policy based on means (inputs) – To policy based on ends (Outputs) – Maintain the standard of living & reduce poverty

39 Anti-Smart Growth Government Re-elected NEW ZEALAND SEPTEMBER 20, 2014 David Seymour 

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