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Ohio Legal Materials Legal Research Boot Camp Chase College of Law & University of Cincinnati College of Law Shannon Kemen.

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1 Ohio Legal Materials Legal Research Boot Camp Chase College of Law & University of Cincinnati College of Law Shannon Kemen

2 Call Numbers KFO Call Numbers: K= Law KF = U.S. Law KFO = Ohio

3 Research Guides

4 Ohio Legal Research: KFO75.H357 – General research guide – Sample documents – Citation examples Ohio Legal Research Guide: KFO75.P88 – Detailed research guide – Outdated: Use with caution

5 Legal Encyclopedias

6 Ohio Jurisprudence, 3d Ohio Jurisprudence: KFO65.O35, Lexis, Westlaw (OHJUR) – A-Z Index – Table of Cases – Words & Phrases – Deskbook – Ohio Local & State Court Rules – Table of Statutes & Rules Cited

7 Transactional Form Books

8 Ohio Forms: Legal and Business: KFO68.O48, Westlaw (OH-LF) Ohio Forms and Transactions: KFO68.O363, Westlaw (OH-FT) Ohio Transaction Guide: KFO213.A65 O35, Lexis Couse's Ohio Form Book: KFO68.C65, Lexis

9 Pleading & Practice Form Books

10 Anderson's Ohio Civil Practice: KFO530.A8, Lexis Ohio Forms of Pleading and Practice: KFO535.A65 M5, Lexis, Westlaw (OH-PP) Baldwin’s Ohio Practice: Ohio Summary Judgment and Related Termination Motions: KFO80.M35, Westlaw (OHPRAC-MT)

11 More Places to Find Forms Ohio Revised Code: The text of a statute may contain a form. Hamilton County Law Library: The Library’s Public Resources tab contains links to local court forms and practice forms on the Internet. Multi-Jurisdictional Form Books: See American Jurisprudence Legal Forms, 2d. You must tailor the form to Ohio law.

12 More Places to Find Forms Law Reviews: Articles may contain sample forms. Case Files & Dockets: Pleadings filed with the court vary in quality, so use with caution. Gale LegalForms: Database from Cincinnati Public Library. Access with a library card.

13 Practice Books

14 Baldwin’s (Westlaw*) Business Organizations (OHPRAC-BUS) Civil Practice (OHPRAC- CIV) Criminal Law (OHPRAC- CRIM) Domestic Relations (OHPRAC-DOM) Elements of an Action (OHPRAC-OEA) Evidence (OHPRAC-EVID) Probate Law (OHPRAC- PROB) Real Estate (OHRELP) And Many More!!!

15 Anderson’s (Lexis) Ohio Consumer Law Manual Ohio Creditor’s Rights Ohio Family Law Ohio Elder Law Practice Manual Ohio Environmental Law Practice Manual Ohio School Law Guide Ohio Securities Law and Practice And Many More!!!

16 Ohio Court Rules

17 Ohio Court Rules –State, Federal & Local Ohio Rules of Court: KFO 529.A193, Westlaw* (OH-Rules) Rules Governing the Courts of Ohio: KFO 529.A195, Lexis

18 Ohio Court Rules -State Pages Ohio Revised Code: KF 30 1953.P3, Lexis Baldwin's Ohio Revised Code: KFO 30 1953.A4, Westlaw (OH-RULES) Ohio Rules of Court: ources/Rules/default.asp ources/Rules/default.asp

19 Ohio Court Rules -Federal – Federal Rules of Court: RulesAndPolicies/rules.asp x – US Court of Appeals, 6 th Circuit: http://www.ca6.uscourts.g ov/internet/rules_and_pro cedures/rulesproc.htm http://www.ca6.uscourts.g ov/internet/rules_and_pro cedures/rulesproc.htm – District Court (N.D.): http://www.ohnd.uscourts. gov/home/rules-and- orders/ http://www.ohnd.uscourts. gov/home/rules-and- orders/ – Bankruptcy Court (N.D.): https://www.ohnb.uscourt https://www.ohnb.uscourt – District Court (S.D.): http://www.ohsd.uscourts. gov/localrules.htm http://www.ohsd.uscourts. gov/localrules.htm – Bankruptcy Court (S.D.): http://www.ohsb.uscourts. gov/FormsPublication/Loca lRulesSuggestions.aspx http://www.ohsb.uscourts. gov/FormsPublication/Loca lRulesSuggestions.aspx

20 Ohio Court Rules -Local Ohio Trial Court Rules: rialCourts/default.asp rialCourts/default.asp Ohio Courts of Appeals Rules: istrictCourts/default.asp istrictCourts/default.asp Ohio Supreme Court Rules of Practice: ces/Rules/practice/rulesofpractice.pdf ces/Rules/practice/rulesofpractice.pdf

21 Ohio Jury Instructions

22 Ohio Jury Instructions: KFO542.6.A65 O3722, Casemaker, Lexis, Westlaw* (OH-JI) OSBA Jury Instructions: Casemaker 6 th Circuit Criminal Pattern Jury Instructions: ury_insts.htm ury_insts.htm

23 Statutes

24 Page’s Ohio Revised Code: KFO375.A3, Lexis Baldwin’s Ohio Revised Code: KFO30 1994.A2, Westlaw (OH-ST-ANN) Loislaw: LAWriter:

25 Regulations

26 Baldwin’s Ohio Administrative Code: KFO440.O37 1994, Westlaw (OH-ADC, OH-ADC-IDX) Ohio Administrative Code: Lexis LAWriter: Ohio Monthly Record: KFO36.O45 Register of Ohio:, Lexis

27 Ohio Citation The Supreme Court of Ohio Writing Manual: nual.pdf nual.pdf Citation Manual at a Glance: es/lawlibrary/combined_at_a_glance-3.docx es/lawlibrary/combined_at_a_glance-3.docx

28 Law Libraries UC College of Law, 513-556-8078 Chase College of Law, 859-572-6484 Hamilton County Law Library, 513-946-5300 6 th Circuit Law Library, 513-564-7321

29 Questions?

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