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O NE E IGHTY C APITAL “Making the Possible Probable” One Eighty Capital1.

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1 O NE E IGHTY C APITAL “Making the Possible Probable” One Eighty Capital1

2 OEC Overview OEC acquires equity interests in companies and works full-time with current ownership and management to position and sell the business. OEC prefers deals where the current owners stay engaged both professionally and financially to fully benefit from the transaction. One Eighty Capital One Eighty Capital (“OEC”) provides the capital and management resources necessary to effect the strategic and operational transformation of a business: OEC looks for opportunities that leverage the ability of our managing partners to improve and position businesses for sale to better owners. OEC is extremely selective and only targets companies in industries with strong underlying fundamentals where OEC’s specific management talents can affect a significant transformation. OEC achieves superior returns by quickly developing and executing the transformation plan and by identifying and selling to the best buyer for the business. We quickly expand both EBITDA and the exit EBITDA multiple. 2

3 Chris Baltes – Mr. Baltes has 14 years experience in private equity deal sourcing, fund- raising, and turnaround management. Prior to being a managing partner of OEC, Mr. Baltes was a partner at a top quartile private equity firm, and was responsible for structuring and executing the operational and strategic turnaround of portfolio companies. Mr. Baltes had direct and primary responsibility for three portfolio companies that created in excess of $480 million of realized investor returns or 5.6X invested capital. He has served on the boards of COHR, Inc., Masterplan, Garden Ridge, Meridian Rail and AllParts Medical. Paul Fischer – Mr. Fischer has over 25 years experience in manufacturing operations, finance, accounting and IT. Prior to being a managing partner of OEC, Mr. Fischer was the CFO of Amsted Industries, a $3.0 billion diversified manufacturing firm. Mr. Fischer was instrumental in the turnaround of Amsted from near bankruptcy in 2001. During his four year tenure as CFO, the equity value of Amsted improved from $300 million to $3 billion. Mr. Fischer was also the COO of Amsted’s largest portfolio company and was responsible for the strategic turnaround of the division from a negative EBITDA to over $100 million of EBITDA in less than five years. He has served on the board of Varlen Corporation, Patil Rail and AllParts Medical. One Eighty Capital Who We Are: Managing Partners Detailed Resumes and Case Studies are available on request 3

4 One Eighty Capital OEC and Business Owners Implement Transformation Plan SaleOfBusiness BusinessOwners OECPurchases Equity Interest OECInvestors Sell Portion of Equity Interest Proceeds from Remaining Equity Interest and Profit Cash Purchase Equity Interest Proceeds from Equity Interest and Profit Both Investors and Business Owners Benefit from Involvement with OEC In recent deal, owners tripled the value of their rollover equity Deal Source 4

5 OEC and the Business Owner: Partners in Creating Value

6 Ideal Situations: Business Owners We look for the following attributes in an business owner: One Eighty Capital Have a good business in a market with strong underlying fundamentals but have reached a decision point in their business. Need additional capital to expand Need additional talent to expand Need exit strategy Recognize the value of involving the expert help of OEC. Two proven management experts working full time in the business Quickly improve the results and management infrastructure of the business Leverage OEC’s ability to strategically reposition and sell the business Willing to negotiate a mutually profitable arrangement Accept an equity partner with talent and capital Rollover some or all of their equity Transfer operating authority to OEC Sell the business outright in 2-5 years 6

7 One Eighty Capital OEC Managing Partners OEC Capital Buyout Ownership Implement Positioning Plan Develop Positioning Plan Ideal Situations OEC only targets high-potential opportunities where BOTH Talent and Capital are needed. 7

8 One Eighty Capital Ideal Situations 8 Manufacturing or Manufacturing services company. Market served has sound fundamentals. Owners at Crossroad considering selling equity to raise capital or take cash off the table. Looking for talent or successor Transformation Plan suggests ability to create substantial value. OEC talent and capital match well with transformation plan Owners willing to negotiate acceptable terms. If Above Conditions are ALL met, OEC develops a comprehensive transformation plan If Above Conditions are ALL met, OEC acquires equity interest in target company

9 Business Owners can Significantly Increase the Value of their Equity in the Business. One Eighty Capital OEC provides superior returns by quickly executing the transformation plan and selling to the best buyer for the business. We expand both EBITDA and the Exit EBITDA Multiple. The below chart illustrates the increase in an Owner’s wealth from combinations of EBITDA improvement and EBITDA multiple expansion. Note that in above example, owners reduced involvement risk by taking ½ their equity “off the table.” 9

10 Since we generally work with business owners that have not considered selling their business, we use a network of sources to uncover opportunities. We mine for deals by talking to people that can introduce us to business owners that may fit our profile: – M & A Firms – Wealth Management Professionals – Bankers/Lenders – Private Equity Firms – Attorneys and Tax Professionals – Corporate Executives – Purchasing Professionals – Network of Business Colleagues We are creative in developing deal structures that include compensation for deal sources. One Eighty Capital How Does OEC Find Investment Opportunities? 10

11 OEC as an Investment Opportunity

12 How OEC Works OEC offers investors the opportunity to invest in a specific deal as limited partners. Once OEC finds a deal, limited partner investors have about 15 days to deliver their committed capital. The Managing Partners control the investment and are compensated with 25 percent of the deal profits, calculated on the remaining proceeds after the return of the original investments to the limited partners. The Managing Partners also each receive a $125,000 per year advisory fee from the portfolio company. One Eighty Capital12

13 Ideal Investor Willing to invest a minimum of $250,000 of capital and no more than 10 percent of their net worth. Able to wait 5 years for investment liquidity Interested in protecting principal – Willing to sacrifice upside potential for limiting downside. We achieve this by using debt sparingly. Targets 20% annual pre-tax return on investment; – approximately 2 times cash on cash return over four years. Has confidence in the integrity and ability of OEC’s management One Eighty Capital 13

14 Summary Our Managing Partners are seasoned professionals with successful track-records and a vast assortment of business skills; they personally implement the business transformation plan through daily involvement with acquired companies; they also invest a significant amount of capital. OEC partners with the previous business owners and involves them in the transformation process. OEC is very creative and extremely flexible in developing deal structures that satisfy all stakeholders, align investor risk profiles, and reward deal sources. Business owners can reinvest some or most of their proceeds. We are highly selective and only target high-potential opportunities where our management talent and capital match the requirements of the business transformation plan. One Eighty Capital14

15 One Eighty Capital Appendices 15

16 Develop Comprehensive Strategic Transformation Plan. Adjust Management Team Capabilities to Align with Transformation Plan Requirements. Enhance Management Infrastructure ( to fully leverage management capabilities ) – Develop Scalable and Secure IT system – Develop Dashboard of Key Measures of Success – Enhance Sound Accounting Procedures and Controls Optimize Management Incentive Plans ( align incentives and reward success ) Identify Potential Best Owners of the Business One Eighty Capital Transformation Plan: Common Elements 16

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