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Article III –National Judiciary

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1 Article III –National Judiciary
Section 1 ____________________ Section 2 – Jurisdiction Clause I subject parties Clause 2 __________ Clause 3 __________ 3. Section 3 – Treason 1. (2 part definition) 2. _____________ 3._____________

2 The National Judiciary
Reference Chapter 18, Sections 1,2,4

3 The Constitution establishes the Supreme Court

4 The National Judiciary
Judiciary Act of 1789 (Senate Bill #1) Establishes district and circuit courts 1802 1837 1801 1807 1869 1911 1863 1891 1925…

5 Jurisdiction the authority of a court to hear a case
Original – the first court in which a case is heard. Appellate – a court that reviews a previously tried case

6 Structure of Federal Court System
Supreme Court 12 “circuits” Court of Appeals 94 districts District Courts 9 judges 179 judges 677 judges



9 Jurisdiction- What kinds of cases are heard in federal courts?
Cases with questions involving The interpretation of the Constitution Federal crimes as designated by Congress Foreign diplomats The US is a party to the case Bankruptcy Some state laws where the two parties are residents of different states

10 What kinds of Cases are heard by District Courts?
Criminal Law Violations of federal law Bank robbery Kidnapping Mail fraud Counterfeiting Tax evasion Civil Cases Dispute between 2 parties; not criminal Bankruptcy Civil rights Public land uses Postal issues Tax issues


12 Other Special Courts (frequently called legislative courts)

13 Other Court Officers US Magistrates US Marshalls
Issue warrants, preliminary review, set bail… US Marshalls “sheriff”- arrests, custody, serve papers, courtroom order, civil disturbances District attorneys and deputies Government lawyers Court Clerks Papers, records, etc.



16 A DUAL COURT SYSTEM Federal Courts State Courts Everything Else Cases
Criminal law Civil law Cases Federal statutes Constitution Oceans Maritime,admiralty US/foreign officials Interstate International

17 Jurisdiction the authority of a court to hear a case
Exclusive concurrent Foreign officials, federal crimes,patents,copyrights, Congressional action-exclusive Cases of diverse citizenship +75,000$


19 Homework Read and note 18.3 The Supreme Court p. 517-522
Complete #1-5 p. 522

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