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Acid Rain From TKLJ Animation  The Next Duckeration The Next Duckeration.

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2 Acid Rain From TKLJ Animation  The Next Duckeration The Next Duckeration

3 What makes Acid Rain? Normal rain water has a pH of 5.6. For it to be acid rain the pH is under 5.6 5.6 3.1 4.2 2.9 3.6 4.7 5.3

4 Normal Rain water with CO 2 Presence Rain is naturally acidic at 5.6 because our atmosphere naturally contains CO 2 This reacts with rain water forming carbonic acid which then dissociates to give H + making the rain acidic When reading the Duckork Time, Louise read all about natural rain Hmm, weird

5 Sources of Acid Rain Coal & Petroleum BURNINING in… Side products = NO x & SO x Smokestacks These have chemical reactions with sunlight and atmospheric oxygen AIR POLLUTION These become toxic gases in the atmosphere EVERDAY NATURAL Lightning Forest Fires Volcanic Eruptions

6 SMOG Smog puts the presence of NO 2 in the atmosphere When it rains the gases behave as acidic anhydrides putting acids in our RAIN! All these produce acids but what do theyDO?????

7 Acid rain and our environment Travels great distances, continent to continent. Its in snow, mist, and dry dust Forests all over the world are DYING Fish are DYING It soaks into the soil and drains into streams and rivers carrying with it high concentrations of poisonous ions like Aluminum and Copper These, over time, build up and cause suffocation and death of DUCKS - and all other animals

8 What went wrong????????

9 Deforms fish Kills leaves Weakens trees Erodes buildings Some quicker than others - All will suffer Limestone and sandstone are worst effected Removes aquatic life Effects drinking water Harms Natural Habitats and Their Residents Numbers are declining

10 The duck eats the fish And the fish eat the krill And the krill eats the plants The acid rain kills the plants Which kills the krill Which kills the fish Which kills the DUCKS!!! What does that mean for the duck?    

11 Now it’s up to you To Save the DUCKS!

12 Reduce emissions Pollution control Alternative energy sources Nuclear power Hydroelectric power Windmills Restore damage Neutralize lakes with limestone Catalytic converters Public transport


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